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Who the hell cares what anybody else thinks? Just look into your heart and do whatever the hell makes you happy.Dr. Kelso

"My Happy Place" is the fourth episode of Scrubs eighth season. J.D. and Elliot re-evaluate their relationship yet again. Dr. Kelso decides to not let anybody's opinion bother him. Dr. Cox slightly overcomes trust issues with Turk.


J.D. and Elliot work out their problems

J.D. & Elliot

J.D. enters Sacred Heart not having to be afraid of Janitor while turning around corners. After bumping into Todd, he and Elliot meet up. Recently, their friendship has gotten very strong and they have been seeing movies and dining out together. While at Coffee Bucks, they comment how Kelso is becoming quite the regular even though he is retired. Ted makes fun of Kelso, and Kelso responds that he actually has a lot to do and leaves. Later, J.D. and Elliot leave the hospital, and J.D. senses that Turk is upset. Turk is paged away, and the two leave for their movie. After the film, they head to a nearby Coffee Bucks franchise where they see Dr. Kelso. They confront him about lying about his busy schedule and Kelso states that he just doesn't have the money to travel like he originally planned. As he gets up to use the restroom, Kelso tells them that it's nice to see them dating again. Elliot and J.D. talk about their feelings, almost as if they were the only two in the entire room. Elliot is concerned that because J.D. has hurt her so many times in the past she can never be with him. J.D. tells her that he's still crazy about her. Kelso returns from the bathroom and announces that he doesn't care if people make fun of him for doing what he likes, and returns to Sacred Heart's Coffee Bucks. As J.D. and leave Sacred Heart later, J.D. reaches for Elliot's hand and the two hold hands and put their arms around each other as they leave the hospital that brought them together eight years ago.

Cox proves Turk wrong.

Dr. Cox & Turk

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is having trust issues with Turk. Dr. Cox never trusts surgeons because he believes they always try to convince patients that surgery is the best choice. Dr. Cox finds out that two couples, Tom and Darcy Halford, and the Brinkleys, each need a new kidney, and because that the healthy spouses are donor matches for the other couple, the couples can swap kidneys. At first the Halfords are hesitant because they are not in as big of a rush as the Brinkleys. Soon, Turk convinces them to do the surgeries at the same time, thus eliminating trust as a factor to not opt for the swap. This gains Turk a little more of Dr. Cox's trust and he does not watch Turk examine the patients, from the room at least.

Ted calls Kelso out for always hanging out at Coffee Bucks

Recurring Themes

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J.D. fantasizes about Elliot


  • Turk's hand reaches for J.D.'s hand on bedsheets. (Elliot suggested them making love.)
  • Elliot poses as a sexy cavewoman in Coffee Bucks.
  • As J.D. and Elliot have a serious conversation about their relationship, nothing else is visible except for them and their table.
  • J.D. hears trumpet noises when he says "sex buddies."


  • Doctor Itor firing Marv the new janitor.

Janitor story

Dr. Jan Itor fired Marvell.

Janitor returns to work, but because he has been gone for so long he complains that it hurts too much to mop. While Ted covers his mopping responsibilities, Janitor scams Whitney into giving him his job back, and fired Marvell (once again role-playing the Chief of Medicine).

Episode Running Gags

  • Elliot manipulates J.D.'s fantasies through suggestion, planting the aforementioned "making love with Turk" fantasy in his head, and later causing him to go off into an unseen fantasy of a "ping pong match between a ninja and Bigfoot."

Guest Stars

Cathleen Kaelyn as Darcy Halford and Scott Rinker as Tom Halford


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Friends" by Limbeck
  • "Close Your Eyes" by Young Love


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I don't smile a whole lot and lately when I do it hurts.Ted

boy does that big furry bastard likes funnel cakes!J.D.

Both Dr. Kelso and I had heard enough of Elliot's inspirational stories to know that they invariably end with someone killing themselves.J.D.'s narration

So basically you two do everything a normal couple does except have sex?Dr. Kelso

You're too hard on yourself.J.D.

No I'm not. I'm just stupid and ugly and I have a pig face.Elliot

Well done there, Gandhi. Your ability to bring people together is much like... well... Gandhi.Dr. Cox

Do you still let that voice in your head control you?Elliot

This is getting too serious. Kick her! Kick her in the head!J.D.'s narration
Not as much.J.D.
So I guess the real answer is that there is no easy answer, You just have to go with it... or not.J.D.

This seems like a good idea.Elliot

Who cares?J.D.


  • Judy Reyes does not appear in this episode
  • While J.D. and Elliot are talking about their relationship they mention a Friends marathon. Courteney Cox (Dr. Maddox) played Monica in Friends.
  • The set for the other Coffee Bucks location is the same set, but with different tables and chairs, shot from different angles.