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To me, the best thing about Elliot is all her extra cash!J.D.'s Narration

"My Friend with Money" is the fifth episode of Scrubs' sixth season. J.D. and Dr. Cox have problems with Elliot now that she is in private practice, Dr. Cox and the Janitor fight over a new luxury suite, and Turk tries to convince Carla to get help with her postpartum depression.


The Janitor dances around in the sealed off hospice room

J.D. takes advantage of Elliot, who, now that she is in private practice, makes much more money than he does. Dr. Cox, angry at Elliot for giving him her patient and leaving, tells her that she is selling out, refusing to "go the extra mile" like her former colleagues who still work for Sacred Heart. When Elliot asks whether J.D. agrees with this assessment, he says that he does, and she accuses him of being jealous. Meanwhile, the hospital starts catering to richer patients, opening a luxury suite. When its inhabitant is transferred to another part of the hospital, Dr. Cox and the Janitor claim the room for themselves so that they can hide from their personal and professional lives. Conflict of character between the two results in competition for the room.

Turk accidentally records Carla crying over Izzy

Turk, in the meantime, cannot persuade Carla to see a doctor about her postpartum depression. He turns to Dr. Cox for help, who in turn brings in his ex-wife Jordan, who convinces Carla that there is no shame in admitting that she needs help. After Elliot provides J.D. and his girlfriend Kim (who is living in Washington) with webcams so that they may keep in touch with one another, he admits that he is, indeed, jealous of her success, and accuses Dr. Cox of the same jealousy.

Recurring Themes


Jordan feasts on a live goat

  • Dr. Cox brings a goat home for Jordan to eat.
  • Instead of J.D. and Elliot replacing their apartment's floors with wood, they use trampolines and bounce around — which ends in injury.
I like bouncing...but it is dangerous!J.D.


Elliot walks in on J.D. taking pictures of Keith

  • Elliot finds J.D. taking revealing pictures of Keith in a bus station toilet, and then sending them (most likely to Kim) and pretending it is his own body.

Janitor story

After Sacred Heart's new luxury suite becomes vacant, Janitor and Dr. Cox hide the room, enter through the windows and other entrances, and relax without interruption from work or other doctors. Soon, the two of them start getting fed up with the other being in the room and argue over who should have it, but Dr. Kelso solves the issue by not allowing either of them in the room.

Guest Stars

J.D. and Kim make out via webcam


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "The Crane Wife 3" by The Decemberists
  • "The Girl From Ipanema" by Stan Getz, João Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto
  • "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder


GABPITAWMMW2D – Giant annoying bangsy pain in the ass who makes me want to die.

You're giving orders to me? O-M-G, Barboo, you make me wanna L-O-L. I just discovered text messaging. I know I'm a little late to the game, but that doesn't mean you're any less of a GABPITAWMMW2D – Giant annoying bangsy pain in the ass who makes me want to die.Dr. Cox to Elliot

Hey roomie, I went shopping. This couch reminded me of my grampa, he used to drive around in a car just like it. You know, until he was killed in that seven car pile-up.Elliot

Seven car pile-up would be a good name for a rock band.J.D.
Yeah, you actually told me that on the day he died.

That's what I've...Turk

If you talk again, I'm going to eat you!Jordan

There really is only one way to end this.Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox and Janitor take "cyanide capsules"

We each ingest a cyanide capsule. On three; one, two, three.Janitor

[Janitor gives Dr. Cox a tablet, and on three the Janitor swallows his]

No! What are you doing?

Mine's a Skittle.
Mine too?


Hi, since you're African American, I was wondering if I could I borrow some of your Marvin Gaye CDs?Young Boy

Sure, come on in, kid.Turk


  • In the break-away scene where Elliot returns home to find the new "trampoline floors" installed, imaginary J.D. is drinking an old-school, genuine Budweiser, contrary to his supposed dislike for beer.
  • The TV with the webcam that Elliot sets up for J.D. to speak with Kim across the country is the exact same TV that Dr. Cox and the Janitor use in the rich coma patient's room.
  • Just after Dr. Cox scales the building to get into the room, the right side of his collar is sticking up, but this changes between shots.
  • Jordan tells Carla that she can't get over her postpartum depression by taking advice from a "Hollywood movie star and the dead science fiction writer he worships," a reference to Tom Cruise having recently gone on record as a Scientologist, a cult founded by the late sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard, at the time this episode was filmed.