Bottom line: We'll be bestest friends foreverest if you just keep your face out of my face.Dr. Cox

"My Fifteen Seconds" is the seventh episode of Scrubs' third season. J.D. begins spending more time with Dr. Cox outside the hospital. Everyone takes advantage of Dr. Kelso when he goes temporarily deaf from the new cheap stethoscopes at the hospital. Elliot and Carla argue over who is better at making decisions for patients.


3x7 ceramics

J.D. and Danni grow closer

Since realizing that Danni Sullivan is Jordan's sister, J.D. has been spending more time with Dr. Cox outside of the hospital, and Dr. Cox fears that he may have to spend more time with him inside the hospital. Dr. Cox and J.D. have a new patient, Jill Tracy, who is in the hospital after having pesticides enter her body somehow. Each time they speak to her, they only do so for a maximum of fifteen seconds. After extensive tests, they can't figure out how the pesticides got into her system, and they discharge her. Meanwhile, Ted speaks to Dr. Kelso about complaints that the new stethoscopes are too tight. Dr. Kelso tries them on, and they are so tight that his eardrums are damaged, causing him to hear nothing but a distant mumble when someone talks to him. At first, he decides to keep it a secret, and when the Janitor asks if he can take over duties on the loudspeaker system, Dr. Kelso replies "splendid". Janitor takes that as a yes, and throughout the day, he is heard using the system. Dr. Kelso then tells Turk about his ears, hoping that Turk will fix them for him and not tell anyone, but Turk tells everyone they can say whatever they want to Dr. Kelso as long as they smile. As Dr. Kelso walks past, everyone swears at him with a smile on their face, and Kelso thanks them for the "kind words".

Meanwhile, Elliot and Carla disagree over what drug to give a patient, but Carla presses and eventually gets her way. However, the patient has a bad allergic reaction to Carla's suggested drug and almost dies, angering Elliot, who reminds Carla that she outranks her as a doctor. Carla is initially angry, but Turk reminds her that the responsibility for keeping a patient alive rests solely on their doctor's shoulders and that, while Carla may be guiding Elliot in matters outside the hospital, Elliot is in charge while inside. Carla realizes Turk is right and allows Elliot to take charge at work.

3x7 Jill Tracy

Jill Tracy is back.

When J.D., Dr. Cox, Jordan and Danni are out having a meal, J.D. and Dr. Cox realize they can't just talk to their patient in 15-second periods, and leave the restaurant to find Jill. As it turns out, she tried to kill herself after a rough couple of months. Dr. Kelso gets his hearing back and hears all the things Ted is shouting at him, as well as the Janitor on the loudspeaker system.

Recurring Themes

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3x7 Whac a Newbie

"Whac a Newbie"


  • Carla and Elliot meet at a CHiPs fan convention.
  • Dr. Cox is playing "Whack-A-Newbie," whacking J.D.'s head instead of moles.

Janitor story

Janitor takes advantage of the PA system after getting permission from Dr. Kelso, who was just pretending to understand what Janitor was saying because of his temporary deafness. These are some of his announcements:

Dr. Tushy, you're needed in the OR. Nice name, buddy. Beat up in high school much?

All available medical personnel, please report to the second floor for a catfight. Catfight on the second floor!

3x7 Sullivan family

J.D., the Sullivan sisters, and Perry.

Dr. Dorian, Dr. Turk is free for his rectal exam. He said you'd know what that means.

A quick note for all my comatose listeners out there: all your lovers have moved on. But, if it's any consolation, my sources tell me they're happy. Well, snooze, you lose.

3x7 naked JD

J.D. uses a picture to cover his jiblets.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Tammy
Look, Tammy, as far as your love life goes, normally, I couldn't care less who's laying your quivering body down by the fire while your lips whisper "no, no, no" but your eyes scream "yes, yes, oh big daddy yes!" But when you're dating Jordan's sissypoo, it forces me to spend time with you outside of the hospital, and I just won't have that, so here's the deal: don't want to have dinner with you, don't want to go bowling with you, and I never ever again want to walk into my kitchen and hear you say "oh, hey, waffle time, it's waffle time, won't you have some waffles of mine?"Dr. Cox

Episode Recurring Gags

  • Every time Dr. Cox and J.D. enter Jill Tracy's room and speak to her, a 15-second timer appears on screen (hence the name of the episode). When this timer reaches zero, they immediately leave.

Guest Stars

3x7 Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada as Himself


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Good to Know" by Tim Cullen
  • "I've Been Waiting" by Matthew Sweet
  • "CHiPs Theme" by John Parker


3x7 CHiPs convention

At a CHiPs convention, Elliot and Carla meet Erik Estrada.

She's awake. Say something romantic.J.D.'s narration
Do you think this is a good time to start talking about a nickname for my penis? It's just that I — I dated this girl in college who made the decision without consulting me, and then all of a sudden there it was — eighteen straight months of it being called "Little Buddy". And we just didn't like that; not one bit.J.D.
J.D., I haven't even had coffee yet.Danni
Ah, you're right, I'm sorry... "Big Al", for example...J.D.

Just because Jordan thinks its cute you're violating her little sister, doesn't mean you can use my guest room for your G-Rated nerdy sexcapades!Dr. Cox

3x7 JD Danni

J.D. and Danni.

Bottom line: We'll be bestest friends foreverest if you just keep your face out of my face.Dr. Cox

Hey, everybody. This place has dynamite lamb.J.D.

Look, you shoulda told me. But I'm not gonna let things like this mess it up with the guy I'm falling in love with.Danni

Oh, thank God! Do you wanna get some pineapple pizza?J.D.

Sir, we've got some complaints that the new discount stethoscopes you ordered are uncomfortably tight. I contacted the manufacturer, but apparently he's decided to focus more on his hand-made smoking paraphernalia.Ted

3x7 stuck on ferris wheel

Stuck on a ferris wheel

Well, you have done it. It's Friday night, and instead of being at home, drinking whiskey through my son's sippy cup, I'm actually at a carnival with you, surrounded by piles of manure, even though I've yet to see a single animal!Dr. Cox

Lookit, after shooting my mouth off the other night, I've been feeling a lot of... well...Perry

No. Not that.

Yes, that.

This morning, I asked you to do me a favor involving my mother. What was it?Jordan

Well... I can only hope that it had something to do with hiring people to kill her?Perry


3x7 cat fight

The Todd eggs on a catfight.

  • J.D. drinks a beer in this episode, but he says in "My Last Words" that he does not like it.
  • When J.D. and Danni fall out of the tree, they are obviously landing on mats; you can see the edges of the mat lift when they hit.
  • In this episode, Dr. Cox actually calls J.D. by his real name when he, J.D., Danni and Jordan are on top of the ferris wheel.
  • The "15 second" theory has some errors in this episode:
    • The first "15-second countdown" lasts exactly 15 seconds.
    • The second "15-second countdown" lasts 27 seconds.
    • The third "15-second countdown" lasts 15 seconds.
    • The fourth "15-second countdown" lasts 25 seconds.
  • When Dr. Kelso "punctures his brain", he narrates a line of the episode.
  • The picture of Dr. Cox that J.D. uses to cover himself with is a Season One promotional image.
  • J.D. covering his privates with a photograph is reminiscent of John Cleese's in A Fish Called Wanda, a 1988 crime-comedy film, doing the same thing.
  • Dr. Cox calling J.D. Queer Eye is a reference to Queer Eye for a Straight Guy, a show about five gay men making over a straight man.
  • The episode title refers to a study that J.D. mentions which concluded that doctors spend an average of 15 seconds listening to a patient.