News flash: you can't drink and then come to work. You're not airline pilots.Dr. Cox

"My Dream Job" is the twenty-second and final episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. and Turk's college buddy Spence (Ryan Reynolds) comes to town for a visit, but a night of drinking causes Spence to blurt out that Dr. Cox is the father of Jordan's baby. Elliot gets picked on by Dr. Kelso.


2x22 JD Spense in college

J.D. and Spence in college

Turk and J.D.'s college buddy Spence comes to town and in a flashback we discover that Spence is the one responsible for J.D.'s signature hair style. The three of them go out drinking together. While recovering from their hangovers the next day, Spence inadvertently informs Dr. Cox that he (Dr. Cox) is the father of Jordan's baby. Dr. Cox is infuriated that Jordan lied to him and wants nothing more to do with her. J.D. and Turk show Spence around the hospital, and Spence remarks that it looks like the two of them have landed their dream jobs. This provokes the opposite thought from J.D.. Meanwhile Dr. Kelso is looking for a resident to pick on. Elliot accidentally throws a needle in his face and from that point on he starts giving her a really hard time.
2x22 Kelso Needle
2x22 JD eats Turk's hand

Spence offers to take J.D. and Turk out for some fun, and the three of them go hot tubbing and beer drinking, even though J.D. and Turk are the backup on-call doctors that night. They tell Spence they would only get paged in the unlikeliest of events. Unlikely events occur, and they both get paged after having had several beers apiece. When they show up at the hospital smelling of beer, Dr. Cox delivers a scathing lecture, then sends them both back home as unfit to work. Meanwhile Jordan relentlessly keeps hanging around Dr. Cox, saying she won't leave him alone until he forgives her. Dr. Cox briefly escapes into the on-call room, only to find Elliot, who tells him that Dr. Kelso is really getting to her and she can't take it any more. Dr. Cox can't help her because he has too much stuff of his own going on.

2x22 Turk with no hand

J.D. grabs Turk's hand.

J.D. and Turk want to blame Spence for their disgrace but he tells them they both hate their jobs and were looking for any excuse to blow off work. They know he's right. Jordan tells Dr. Cox that things are different now that they have a baby together and she won't go home until he promises to go home with her. He finally relents and gently tells her to wait for him at home and he'll be along later. J.D. realizes that the reason he and his friends became doctors is because they all want to help people, and they have to keep remembering that as the going gets tougher; that it takes perserverance, fortitude and sacrifice at this stage of their training.

J.D. saves his angry patient's foot with the correct medical treatment and Dr. Cox gives him a back-handed compliment, which thrills J.D.. Dr. Cox confesses to J.D. that he was upset because he's afraid he's going to be a rotten father. J.D. tells Dr. Cox that he shows great fatherly instincts, and that if Elliot was his daughter he'd know exactly how to help her in the face of Dr. Kelso's increasingly vicious bullying. Dr. Cox realizes that J.D. is right. He punches Dr. Kelso in the nose (much to Ted's ecstasy) and tells Elliot that she's doing a fine job.

Recurring Themes

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2x22 Chocolate King

J.D. as the chocolate king


  • J.D. signs papers as they fly through the air.
  • J.D. imagines himself as "John Dorian - Chocolate King", and eats Turk's chocolate hand.
  • J.D. fantasizes about pulling Turk's chocolate ear off his head and eating it.


  • Spence helps J.D. figure out how he will style his hair - moussing the crap out of it.

Janitor story

The Janitor claims to make more money than J.D., and tricks J.D. into revealing his PIN number. Later, he taunts J.D., calling him "Food Stamps" and offering to make a donation. J.D. responds angrily, hurting The Janitor's feelings. The next day, J.D. apologizes and then compliments The Janitor on the cleanliness of the floor. He says it's clean enough to eat off of it. The Janitor drops some turkey from his sandwich on to the floor and J.D. reluctantly eats it, not realizing until later that the floor cleaning solution the Janitor uses is a powerful diuretic.

J.D.'s Girls Names

  • Wilma (or Betty. it appears he looks at Turk first then J.D. so Turk was Betty and J.D. was Wilma) These names reference the wives of "The Flintstones" animated cartoon series of 1960 - 66, Wilma Flintstone (wife of Fred) and Betty Rubble (wife of Barney).
Betty. Hey Wilma. What the hell, you're only forty minutes late.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Pinch Me" by the Barenaked Ladies
  • "Candy Man" performed by Sammy Davis Jr.
  • "Sunday" by Keren DeBerg
  • "My Brilliant Feat" by Colin Hay


Ronk!Mr. Weinberg

Newbie, if the next two words out of your mouth aren't 'See ya', then the third will be 'Oh my god, my crotch. You punched me in the crotch'.Dr. Cox


  • According to this episode, J.D.'s social security number is 987-65-4320 (which is not a valid Social Security number. [1])
  • J.D.'s PIN Number (3674) represents DORI on a dial pad, the first four letters of his last name.
  • Ted calls Dr. Kelso "Dr. Oslek", which is his character's name in "My Princess". Both are derived by spelling Kelso's real name backwards.
  • Dr. Kelso's question during rounds (What are the four differential diagnoses of the persistent ST elevation on any EKG?) is actually a trick question. There are only three standard diagnoses ([2]) , so it would appear he had already picked Doug as his intern to antagonize before he even asked the question.
  • When J.D. takes Turk's hand in the Chocolate King fantasy, Donald Faison's fingers can clearly be seen in his sleeve. He is also trying to restrain from laughing.
  • When Ted's talking to Elliot about Dr. Kelso, there's a keyboard on his desk, even though there's no computer on the desk.
  • The ventriloquist dummy J.D. plays with in "My Kingdom" is visible in the college flashback in the background.
  • Spence calls J.D. and Turk, "Crockett and Tubbs", respectively. This is a reference to James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, who were a mixed-race cop duo in Miami Vice, a 1980s police drama.
  • Ted is revealed to have stress-induced dyslexia
  • Dr. Cox calling J.D., Turk and Spence "angels" (by saying "Good morning, angels") is a reference to Charlie's Angels.
  • This is the first episode directed by Series Creator Bill Lawrence.

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