I started an "I hate Cox" chat room. It hasn't really worked out the way I planned. It's me, two interns and 14,000 lesbians.Elliot

My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of Scrubs. As the episode title suggests, J.D. notices that things move in cycles around the hospital, creating a sense of déjà vu. Dr. Cox returns to Sacred Heart after his breakdown and toys with Elliot, while Carla makes a rule that Turk can't do anything she's not allowed to do while pregnant.


J.D. experiences déjà vu

J.D. wears his hairmet — again

Dr. Cox returns to the hospital after his drunken breakdown over the death of three patients. J.D. notices that many things have begun to repeat themselves at Sacred Heart, including Dr. Cox making fun of J.D. for his "hairmet" ("My Lucky Night"), J.D. telling the Janitor and Troy a nickel riddle ("My Lucky Night"), Dr. Cox not treating Elliot as a real doctor, and Turk not being excited about the baby-related things Carla makes him do.

Elliot & Dr. Cox

The team celebrate Dr. Cox's return.

Dr. Cox confesses to Elliot that he is scared.

Elliot asks Dr. Cox for instructions on a patient, and he can't answer, making Elliot suspicious of his confidence. She tries reaching out to him and he pretends to go along, saying he has trouble making gut calls now. Eventually, he tells Elliot what medication to put the patient on. When Elliot informs Laverne of Dr. Cox's decision, she replies, "I know, he told me three hours ago." In the background, Dr. Cox is laughing and dancing. Elliot confronts him, saying that he has never had any respect for her as a doctor. He admits that he couldn't answer her question earlier because he was scared. This admission makes her feel more respected.

Turk & Carla

Carla takes Turk's coffee and gives it to J.D.

Meanwhile, J.D., Carla, and Turk are at the bar, and J.D. and Turk are obsessing over their drinks. This annoys Carla, who can't have alcohol because of her pregnancy. She snaps and makes a rule that Turk can't do anything she can't do pregnant. Later, she yells at Turk for riding an exercise bike, something she can't do. They argue until Carla starts to feel pain from her pregnancy. They go to the hospital, and the doctor assures Carla that she is fine. Turk apologizes and Carla says it's OK, that it was nice having Turk concerned for her. She says he can drink and do other things she can't do, but asks him not to do them around her.

Recurring Themes


J.D. finds an illicit espresso machine

  • J.D. finds an espresso maker under his future son, Billy's, bed. Billy claims he learned how to make coffee from watching J.D.
  • Floating Head Doctor: Head convinces Dr. Cox to apologize to Elliot. Body brings her to him but accidentally kills her.

Janitor story

Janitor and Troy try to solve J.D.'s riddle - again.

Once again, J.D. tells the Janitor and Troy the nickel riddle (What two coins add up to 30 cents, and one of them isn't a nickel?), and they spend the whole episode trying to solve it. They finally conclude that it is a penny and a dime with a Roosevelt imperfection, today worth 29 cents. J.D. tells them at the end that it is a quarter and a nickel. The Janitor and Troy destroy his bike, and Janitor claims it's a riddle: "Two guys destroyed your bike, and one of them wasn't me." This makes J.D. remember what happened to his old bike. Throughout the episode, Troy acts stupid, mispronouncing words like strawberry ("strawbrerry") and library ("libary").

Guest Stars

Jay Kenneth Johnson as Dr. Matthews.


  • "Welcome Back Kotter Theme" sung by the Sacred Heart Staff
  • "World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies
  • "Sanford and Son Theme Song" by Quincy Jones


Dr. Cox likes the "Welcome Back Coxer" shirts.

Nice helmetDr. Cox

Actually, it's not a helmet, it's a hairmet. It has extra room built in so you don't mess up your hairdo.J.D.

Do you love it as much as I do?Dr. Cox

(wide grin; showing off his 'Welcome back Coxer' shirt to Elliot)
Oh, your face is red like a strawbrerry.Troy

Don't have kids.Janitor


  • When The Todd says he wants to stop a breast reduction up on the third floor, he is already on the fourth floor (as seen in the elevator).
  • Ernie supposedly donated 19 pints of blood over the course of a month, but the average adult only has 12 pints of blood in their body.
  • During the Floating Head Doctor fantasy, padding is visible on the door closest to the camera, on which Elliot's head is hit.
  • J.D. and Dr. Cox hug for the second time.

The déjà vu moments

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