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Sean, you and I have had sex with the same women. Therefore, we are wiener cousins.J.D.

"My Cuz" is the sixteenth episode of Scrubs' eighth season. Turk applies for and gets the Chief of Surgery position. Kelso contracts a strain of the flu and while treating himself realizes that he misses being a doctor. J.D. realizes that he's just a part-time father and thinks about moving closer to Sammy and Kim.


Sean and Kim are a happy couple

Wiener Cousins and Bajingo Sisters

J.D. drives to Kim's apartment to drop Sammy off. A jealous Elliot tags along to make sure Kim doesn't touch him. When she does, which J.D. usually instigates, they have car-sex on the way home. At Kim's apartment, she reveals that she's now dating a guy Elliot introduced - Sean Kelly. The next day, Elliot comments on how awkward the couples are around each other, so she has invited Sean and Kim to the hospital to work out their problems. Kim and Elliot easily get past their issues, but it takes some convincing for J.D. and Sean to come to terms. J.D. eventually suggests they should be friendly because they are "wiener cousins" for having slept with the same women. When he hands off a crying Sammy to Sean, the baby stops crying. J.D. gets upset and tries to find out why Sammy cries for J.D. but not Sean. After figuring out it was his cologne, J.D. watches home movies of Sammy and Kim. He decides he wants to move closer to Kim so he can spend more time with Sammy.

Kelso as a patient.


Dr. Kelso is admitted to Sacred Heart as a patient when he finds out that the muffins he has eaten have given him the stomach flu. He is also concerned about a starfish he may have eaten in the Bahamas when he was drunk and dared to eat it by Janitor. He refuses to allow Howie to treat him, and always comes up with excuses for Sunny to leave the room. He self-administers treatment and in the end is caught by Dr. Cox and Carla. Cox tells him that he left the game so he can't practice anymore, but he can still give advice. Kelso then advises Cox on who to give the Chief of Surgery position to.

Cox talks about the only competent applicant.

New Chief of Surgery

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is having problems filling the role of Chief of Surgery. He jokes that a chimp would be better than any "scalpel jockey" at Sacred Heart. Turk mentions to Carla that he is qualified, and she convinces him to go for it. He harasses Dr. Cox and a large majority of the hospital staff, including Todd and Janitor tell Cox to give the job to Turk. Because Dr. Cox thinks Turk is too childish, he refuses to concede. Turk enlists Carla's help and she tells him to not make it personal. Dr. Cox later congratulates Turk on his new promotion to Chief of Surgery.

J.D. hands Sammy back to Kim and Sean.

Recurring Themes

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Janitor makes Turk a new hat

Janitor story

The Janitor wants Turk to become Chief of Surgery so he can make him a special "Chief Hat". He originally planned to make it like an old scuba helmet but ended making a flamboyant "slightly pimpish" top hat. When Turk refuses to take it off because he likes it, Janitor gets upset and asks for it back. Janitor also is forced to guard the door while Kelso self-treats due to "the bond that can't be broken," meaning that Janitor and Kelso are also "wiener cousins."


  • J.D. and Elliot have car-sex and a biker takes a picture.
  • Dr. Kelso being banished from the Bahamas.
  • Lady and Janitor enjoy their honeymoon, with Dr. Kelso.

The "Weiner cousin" shake.

Episode Running Gags

Guest Stars

Elizabeth Banks as Dr. Kim Briggs and Scott Foley as Sean Kelly.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Goodnight Song" by Tammany Hall NYC


J.D. and Elliot have car sex.

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Janitor and Lady on their honeymoon.

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Look at you. There is no way around it. You are a beautiful man.J.D.

Thank You, J.D.Sean
And now you go.

I never agreed to that.
You beautiful son of a bitch!

What can I say? He's my wiener 'cuz.J.D.

Kim and I are Bajingo sisters.Elliot
You've always wanted one of those!

Mr. Peep tries on hatsElliot

Love that one.Kim

How are you doing this?! Are you a sorcerer?!J.D.

The bond that can't be broken.Janitor

Whoa! Weird flashback, like the Ghost of Couples' Past.Sean Kelly

I'll have a yogurt.Sean Kelly


  • There are no fantasies in this episode.
  • J.D.'s obsession with unicorns is mentioned when Kim comments that he writes a lot of unicorn stories for Sammy.
  • Sean can be seen drinking a can of "Diet Coke" in this episode, in "My Lucky Night" he tells J.D. he only drinks diet.
  • When Kim and Elliot are comparing J.D. and Sean's skills in bed, Kim states that J.D. is better at sex, but Sean is better at foreplay. Elliot disagrees saying J.D. is great at foreplay, he just takes the play part too literally.
  • J.D. says "Nobody cares Sean" in the same inflection he does to Danni in Season Three.
  • Elliot and Kim are "Bajingo Sisters" but Elliot does not know the finger hooking sign of wiener cousins when she sees Turk and an orderly doing it.
  • Wiener Cousins not referred to in this episode:
  • Dr. Kelso claims to have continuously moved Dr. Cox up the hospital hierarchy despite Dr. Cox "bothering him." However in the Season 3 episode, "My Lucky Night," Kelso taunts Cox by claiming to be the reason why Cox has never been promoted past an attending.