My Commitment is an incomplete episode of Scrubs from Season Seven. It was left incomplete due to it being in production when the 2007-2008 WGA strike occurred, and because NBC later chose not to renew the series.

A large amount of this script was rewritten to fit into the Season Eight episode "My Nah Nah Nah" and the filmed material was reused for said episode. The title "My Commitment" leads one to believe that the Janitor and Lady hand holding storyline as well as the Dr. Cox and Jordan wedding ring storyline would have appeared in this episode. ("My Nah Nah Nah")

It also would have been five episodes after "My Bad Too" where Turk said in Spanish it would be five weeks and J.D. and Elliot would be back together as a couple. This would seem a fit with the title.

Possible Synopsis

J.D. has been spending a lot of time with Elliot. Her car is in the shop and the mechanic won't fix it. J.D. has a fantasy of the Hospital Four, super heroes that use their horrible diseases to annoy the mechanic into getting Elliot's car fixed. Dr. Cox starts wearing his wedding ring to stop patients from hitting on him. Source:

Guest Starring

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