Like most hospitals, Sacred Heart makes their interns put on a sketch show roasting the senior staff. It was never any good, but this year it would be.J.D.

"My Comedy Show" is the tenth episode of Scrubs' eighth season. J.D. and Turk organize a comedy show featuring the interns which results in them feeling insecure about their friendship. Denise and Sunny try to get Elliot to help a patient's mother let the patient be a normal teenager. Carla disillusions the Janitor.


J.D. and Turk plan a comedy show.

The Comedy Show

Sunny and Denise kiss during the show.

In the classroom, J.D. and Turk inform the interns that they are not funny, but that J.D. and Turk are comic geniuses. They plan the sketch show that had run for at least the past eight years, and J.D. dedicates this performance to Nurse Roberts, who had died two years earlier. ("My Long Goodbye") At another meeting, they hand out parts and tell the interns to partner up, but nobody wants to partner with Denise, except for Sunny. Later, at the show, several skits are performed including Howie as The Todd, an intern as Dr. Kelso, Katie as Dr. Beardface, and an intern as Dr. Wen and Jimmy performing impressions of Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Brad Pitt, and Dane Cook. The final act is Sunny and Denise playing J.D. and Turk, who have not yet rehearsed, due to being occupied by a patient. They make it up as they go, and end up making out, mocking J.D. and Turk's friendship, which makes J.D. and Turk uncomfortable.

The next day, J.D. and Turk are very distant and do not participate in the tradition of "Eagle!". At lunch, J.D. calls their friendship a "bromance", and Turk decides that at the hospital they need to be more professional. However, when Turk learns that an old article of his is getting published, he and J.D. can't help but hug.

Carla's plucked hair

Carla plucks a hair, and Janitor witnesses,

Meanwhile, Carla discovers a hair on her chest, and Dr. Kelso and Janitor witness her pluck it. The next day, Janitor attempts to blackmail her, but she pretends that it never happened. Janitor attempts to recruit Dr. Kelso in confirming the event, but Kelso played Janitor off as delusional, as he was already recruited by Carla to deny the event. Carla tells the Janitor that he makes a lot of stuff up such as building a giant sand castle ("My Five Stages") or hanging J.D. up like a flag. ("My Mirror Image") He later is depressed that he doesn't know what is real in his life, and even questions if he was in The Fugitive. ("My Friend the Doctor") He apologizes to Carla for accusing her of the chest hair, and she forgives him, admitting to herself that it was easier than she thought it would be to convince him it never happened.

Elliot and Denise

Denise out at the bar.

At the same time, Elliot has a problem convincing Denise to take a night off and go drinking with her friends. The two ladies and Sunny have a patient, Brianna Tarasi that is always in the hospital. Denise and Sunny eventually tell her mother Lulu Tarasi off, saying that Brianna needs a life. The mother is upset and tells them that they have no idea what it is like trying to protect her ill daughter, and that Dr. Reid had already given her the same argument. Denise is upset that Elliot tricked her into arguing with Lulu, but Elliot turns the argument around and tells Denise that it is her who needs to go out and have a life. That night, Denise joins Katie, Howie, and some other interns for drinks at a bar.

Sunny invites Denise out for drinks.

Recurring Themes

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Laverne in 2001

  • Laverne watches Turk do an impression of her, but gets mad when J.D. comes on stage doing an impression of Jesus.


  • Turk is late for the comedy show and J.D. imagines that he slaps Turk in the face several times because he is so upset that Turk was late for something that is so important to him.
  • J.D. and Turk sit on the same side of the table at lunch in the cafeteria and talk about their day.

Janitor story

Janitor witnesses Carla pluck her hair.

The Janitor first sees Carla pluck a hair from her chest. After referring to it the next day, Carla says that she and him never met that day. He spends the whole episode trying to get Carla to admit the incident happened, but comes to a gradual realization that maybe parts of his life were just conjured up by his imagination. Carla later reveals (not to the Janitor) that she really did pluck a hair from her chest.

Guest Stars

Amanda Thorp as Brianna Tarasi.


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I'm going to kill you with a hammer.Denise to Sunny

That is one long-ass booby hair.Dr. Kelso

I have been called the black Wayne Brady.Turk

He wanted a hug and I damn sure wanted to give him one.J.D.

Most newborns smell amazing, an unlucky few are Ham BabiesElliot

OK people, before we begin, you need to accept one simple truth. We are funny, and you are not.J.D.

Sucks to hear, doesn't it?Turk

Admit it, Turk. It's a bromance.J.D.


  • John C. McGinley does not appear in this episode.
  • Aloma Wright makes her first appearance as Laverne since her character died in "My Long Goodbye".
  • Continuity: The Sacred Heart logo on the curtain in the flashback - HOSPITAL is written in all capitals - is the one that got introduced in Season Three, but it should be the old logo, since the scene is supposed to be a flashback from the first year.
  • The Janitor admits to Carla that he was in The Fugitive while questioning his sanity, even though he warned J.D. never to tell anyone under penalty of death.
  • Carla talks to The Janitor about imagining "building a sandcastle in the carpark" ("My Five Stages") and "hanging J.D. up like a flag." ("My Mirror Image"), both of which are scenes which Bill Lawrence had previously said bothered him due to being physically impossible.
  • When J.D. is portraying Jesus, he clearly says "rut-roh" like Astro the dog from the Jetsons cartoon, but the captions read "front row".
  • The only mention of Dr. Cox is when J.D. does an impression of him.
  • When J.D. and Turk hug towards the end of the episode to celebrate Turk's paper being published, "Guy Love" from the episode "My Musical" plays in the background.


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