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I just thought about flat boobies and it made me mad.The Todd

"My Chopped Liver" is the seventeenth episode of Scrubs' fifth season. Carla helps a grieving Dr. Kelso by telling everybody "no". Turk is faced with the dilemma of whether or not he should tell J.D. that spending time with him is keeping him from his work. Dr. Cox and Jordan go on a double date with Elliot and Keith.


Janitor leads Laverne, Ted and Todd in an Evil Eye.

After Dr. Kelso's dog Baxter dies, he does not want anyone to see his grief and vulnerability, so he asks Carla to fill in for him, telling her to say no to any requests. After she approves a new label maker for the pharmacy, everyone in the hospital begins coming to her for their own demands. When she refuses all of their personal requests, most of the staff becomes upset with her.

Thursday night is the only night Turk gets to spend alone in his apartment to catch up on paperwork, however when J.D.'s rota changes he feels obliged to spend 'Turk Night' hanging with him instead. Turk is faced with the dilemma of whether or not he should tell J.D. that spending time with him is keeping him from his work.

J.D. discovers Keith and Dr. Cox are wearing the same clothers to his dismay.

One of J.D.'s patients needs a liver, which he gets from his comedian brother. Although the patient starts to make a speedy recover, his brother struggles to recover and nearly dies.

After Dr. Cox and Jordan go on a double date with Elliot and Keith, Keith finds out about Cox's love for the Detroit Red Wings. The next day, Keith tells the other interns about this obsession and how if they ask him about the team Dr. Cox will be nice to them. Perry then goes to Jordan to confront her about the results of their double date, only to hear her thanking Elliott for allowing her a nice night out.

In the end, no-one decides to tell the other person how their attempts to be nice had a negative impact on their lives..

Recurring Themes

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J.D. has Turk's badonkadonkdonk and is building a brick house

  • J.D. replaces his butt with Turk's much larger one by a transplant.
  • The Krishna guys (My Extra Mile) recognize J.D. at the bowling alley when one of them looks at him, takes his pencil and 'erases' J.D.'s hair with it. Then Turk's old fraternity brothers also recognize him, after one of them 'paints' his face black with his pen, reminding them of a prank he and Turk once pulled at their frat house, for which J.D. got beat up by them. The second half of this fantasy with Turk's fraternity brothers is removed from the episode on modern streaming services.
  • Carla hears Koyaanisqatsi when Janitor, Todd, Ted and Nurse Roberts give her a death stare (the same song appears in My New God).


  • After shaving his head J.D. walks in to a patient's room full of Hare Krishnas and joins them in a tambourine jam and they give him some literature.
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan have a couple's night with Dr. Zeltzer and his wife, and are both given roofies.
  • J.D. and Turk visit his fraternity brother with their faces painted as the other friend's skin color. Upon ringing the doorbell Turk notices a friend and leaves J.D alone. J.D. gets beaten up as a result of the unintentionally racist stunt. This scene has been removed from the episode on modern streaming services.

Janitor story

  • Janitor, along with The Todd, Ted, and Nurse Roberts, hold a grudge against Carla and demand tickets to the Latin Grammys

Girl's Name

  • Leslie

    "That guy's name is Leslie" - Dr. Cox with Rex beside him in a hockey jersey

When do you turn nice? This is getting kind of old.Leslie

Never, Leslie.Dr. Cox
He knows my name!

I was just calling you by a random girl's name.
That's perfect. You know what, take it! Maybe you can use it with Rex, or Gloria or (looks at Leslie) that guy!J.D.

That guy's name is Leslie.Dr. Cox
Heh. His name is Leslie. His name is Leslie. Your name is Leslie. All right, good for you, Leslie. (J.D. exits, and then runs back in, tackling Leslie) LESLIE!!!

Dr. Cox refers to a random intern as Leslie, not knowing that his actual name is Leslie. J.D. under the (mistaken) impression that Cox is bonding with the interns and giving them the "love and respect" that he never gave J.D., attacks Leslie after Cox refers to him by name. J.D. thought that Cox calling Leslie by a (original intent) random girl's name, meant that Leslie had "replaced" J.D. as Cox's protege.

Episode Recurring Gags

Dr. Cox zoned out in a meditative state

  • Dr. Cox goes into a deep, meditative state in order to block out Elliot and Keith, whom he considers as "irritating white noise." In this state, he can only hear the sounds of the ocean.
  • Whenever J.D. sees Keith and the other interns emulating Dr. Cox, it makes him feel hurt, angry, and betrayed.

Guest Stars

Dr. Wen confronts Turk about his lack of paperwork.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Brick House" by the Commodores
  • "I Hear You Knocking" performed by Dave Edmunds
  • "Take Another Step" by Keren DeBerg
  • "Koyaanisqatsi" by Philip Glass
  • "I'll Be Around" by Bobby Bare Jr
  • "All of the Words" by Kutless


A bald J.D. checking on his patient needing a liver transplant

I just thought about flat boobies and it made me mad.The Todd

Please don't make me go out for drinks with Barbie and yeah, I know it's way too easy, Ken.Dr. Cox


  • Actors playing the Hare Krishnas also played Carol's relatives in "My Extra Mile" episode.
  • "My Chopped Liver" was the last episode Charles Chun appeared in before "My Finale".
  • When the camera pans right after J.D. tackles Leslie, the viewer can see protective padding duct-taped to the counter.
  • Laverne reveals that she likes to drink Appletinis.
  • J.D.'s narration reveals that he shaved his head a month prior to the events of this episode, when in real life his hair would take around 5 months or so to grow back to it's original length, as hair typically grows at a rate of half an inch per month.
  • When Dr. Cox mentions September 25, 1926 while explaining to Keith why the Detroit Red Wings are the greatest franchise in the history of sports, he was referring to the date they were founded; originally as the Detroit Cougars.
  • In June 2020, this episode, along with "My Friend the Doctor" and "My Jiggly Ball", were removed from the Hulu streaming service due to characters appearing in blackface.[1] The episodes are present with the scenes removed on Disney+.


  1. Tweet from Bill Lawrence regarding a suggestion that Scrubs follow 30 Rock removing episodes showing characters in blackface. Twitter, June 23, 2020