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I was so mad at Elliot I couldn't sleep last night. Also Danni snores like a gutted wild boar, but mostly it was the Elliot thing.J.D.'s Narration

"My Choosiest Choice of All" is the nineteenth episode of Scrubs' third season. Elliot and Sean are back together, causing J.D. to get back with Danni. Dr. Cox realizes he has a crush on Dr. Miller. Janitor becomes Sacred Heart's security guard and must decide if he will break a rule for Dr. Kelso.


J.D. and Danni get back together

After Elliot goes back to Sean (right after cheating on him with J.D.) J.D. decides to start back up a relationship with Danni in an ill-devised plan to make her jealous. Danni completely annoys J.D., and she is now a chain smoker, but they stay together because they would rather be with people they didn't like rather than be alone. Elliot is also filled with numerous emotions; she feels guilty yet somehow turns the situation around on J.D., attempting to make him feel guilty when she asks him to remember that he is her friend, and to not try and ruin her relationship with Sean. When Sean asks if anything happened between them, J.D. lied to protect Elliot and Sean's relationship.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox realizes he has a crush on Dr. Miller and tries to get her attention by teasing her. When their patient Jeff asks if he can perform with his band before they go to Europe, Dr. Cox says "no" which angers Grace. He later gets approval to have the band perform at the hospital, despite having Jordan tell him that he is simply going through a mini mid-life crisis. Grace asks him out for a beer, but in the end he has a beer with a now-blonde Jordan.

During all this, Turk and Carla are going around trying to fix everyone's problems with advice from a couple; them. They try to help J.D. with his problems with Elliot and Danni, Dr. Cox with his crush on Dr. Miller, and Janitor who is having problems with Dr. Kelso messing with the emergency exits.

Recurring Themes

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Danni tastes like a cigarette


  • J.D., who is wearing a viking helmet, announces to Sean and many others with a bullhorn that he and Elliot made love the night before.
  • When J.D. kisses Danni, he imagines he's kissing Danni in a giant cigarette costume.
  • J.D. pulls up the announcement bullhorn again as the crowd gathers round, but decides not to say what happened with Elliot, to the crowds displeasure.


  • Irv tries to smother a patient with a pillow. It takes an orderly, Turk, and Carla with a sedative to subdue him.

Janitor as a security guard

Janitor story

After the previous security guard, Irv, tries to kill someone who called him fat, Janitor takes his place in order to figure out who keeps disconnecting the fire alarm. He discovers that it is Dr. Kelso who uses the emergency exit to leave the hospital, which leaves Janitor to have to make the decision on whether he should risk his position of security guard to stop Dr. Kelso, or whether he should go by what Dr. Kelso advices, and do nothing at all. After Turk convinces him that integrity is an important characteristic to hold on to, he tackles Dr. Kelso, who promptly takes his new position away from him.

Episode Running Gags

  • Turk and Carla walk around, acting like "the perfect couple" that knows everything about relationships, and giving everyone judgmental looks.

Guest Stars

The Polyphonic Spree as Themselves


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Far From Me" by Tart
  • "Jump Off" By Keren DeBerg
  • "Section 9" AKA "Light & Day / Reach for the Sun" by The Polyphonic Spree


What's wrong with him?Carla

He slept with Elliot last night.Turk
Oh, that time of year again.


I would never sleep with your sister. She's hideous.

Excuse me, I need to get a, uh-Dr. Miller

Book about supply closet etiquette? Yeah, look, I'm kinda using this area?Dr. Cox

Listen, Serpico... - Dr. Kelso

Listen, Serpico, I go four steps out that door to my car every day. And that's important, because if I don't beat Enid home from her thighs & buns class, I have to help her peel off her leotard.Dr. Kelso

We're so close and yet if anybody asks if we're married, all either of us can say is no.Dr. Cox

Actually, I say we were married for five years, then got divorced, now we're back living together, have a child, but we're in a long term committed relationship.Jordan
That's what I say too. That, ooor no.

Honestly, Jordan, I have never despised anyone more.Dr. Cox

Oh, my God. You have a crush on her.Jordan
Who said who to what now?

I was so mad at Elliot I couldn't sleep last night. Also Danni snores like a gutted wild boar, but mostly it was the Elliot thing.J.D.'s Narration

Giddyup, Dr. Dorkian!Danni


  • The Janitor reveals that he has problems distinguishing colors.
  • At 1:13 you see an ornamental ball that Todd was playing around with in Dr. Cox's apartment in the episode "My Fallen Idol".
  • According to the DVD Commentary of "My T.C.W." this episode is named what it is to poke fun of the fact that when the writers are writing the "summaries" for the end of the episodes, they often make silly ones that don't make sense. Bill Lawrence joked that some of them were like "The hard thing about making choices is sometimes they're hard to make" and "The thing with decisions is you have to make a choice", which spawned the idea for the episode name.


  • When Turk and Carla attempt to restrain Irv, Carla applies the sedative syringe, but never depresses the plunger.
  • When J.D. kisses Danni and imagines her as a giant cigarette, he does so because he spontaneously kissed her while she still had smoke in her mouth, and he coughs it out after they finish kissing. This shouldn't happen though, because we can see Danni expelling the smoke from her last puff as J.D. says "I've got something for you."