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You're still working here for a few more weeks, right? I'm gonna make 'em special!Janitor

"My Chief Concern" is the seventeenth episode of Scrubs' eighth season. J.D. decides to leave Sacred Heart for a new job. Turk uses his new position at Chief of Surgery to fight with J.D. about his decision to leave. Elliot takes the responsibility from Dr. Cox to punish Denise when she makes a mistake.


J.D. and Turk try to talk out their problems

Turk and J.D. hug.

J.D. and Turk

After a day at the park with Sammy, J.D. reaffirms his decision to move closer to Kim. He quickly finds a new apartment nearby. One day when dropping Sammy off at Kim's hospital, J.D. runs into St. Vincent's Hospital's Chief of Medicine Dr. Mantoots who offers him the position of Residency Director. Back at Sacred Heart, J.D. informs his friends that he has decided to leave Sacred Heart and take the new job which pays slightly better and is much closer to Sammy. Dr. Cox is so happy that he attempts to do a back flip, but falls on his face. Later during the day, J.D. and Turk argue whether a patient, Mrs. Gallin should be treated surgically or medically. J.D. at first mocks Turk's more professional approach, but J.D. gets really upset when Turk starts claiming that his decisions are more important because he is the Chief of Surgery. The next morning, Turk sends Mrs. Gallin to surgery without discussing it with J.D.. The two angrily huff around the hospital until Carla and Elliot get them to talk to each other. They decide that they are both going through critical times in their lives, and that they will still be friends. That night, as J.D. waits for Turk to visit his new apartment, which is 37 minutes away, he receives a call from Turk who informs him that he won't make it. A sullen J.D. realizes he and his best friend won't get to see each other as often as they used to.

Elliot explains her fantasy about Derek to Denise.

Dr. Cox and Elliot

Meanwhile, Denise and Derek leave the on-call room after having sex. Carla and Elliot ask her how he is in the sack, but Denise just say that she is sleeping with him because she has low self esteem for making some recent medical mistakes. Shortly after deciding he likes Denise, Dr. Cox notices that she has made a severe mistake. As he is going to reprimand her, Elliot stops him and takes the responsibility. However, Elliot feels bad for Denise and tells Mrs. Gallin that it was her own fault for her internal bleeding. Dr. Cox oversees this and yells at Elliot. He then yells at Denise. Elliot tells him that he was being rude, and realizes that he was just taking his anger out on the two ladies. She uncovered that he is upset that after eight years J.D. is leaving.

J.D. in his new apartment.

Recurring Themes

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Carla eats pudding.

J.D. and Turk running Sacred Heart.

Janitor let out of his crate.


  • J.D. fantasizes about Turk and him running the hospital, complete with the Janitor locked in a crate like a wild animal, constant free pudding for him and Turk, and scantily clad female nurses and doctors.

Janitor story

The Janitor predicts that change will bring more change to the hospital. He turns out to be right, with Ted moving in with Gooch, Elliot considering moving with J.D., Carla only coming back to work part-time after a second child, Jordan adopting Chinese twins, and Dr. Kelso thinking about perusing temporary family practice. He attempts to stop this, with no avail.

He also starts circulating a new currency, called Bendells.

Episode Running Gags

  • The Hendersons, two attendings at Sacred Heart have an open marriage and are involved with The Todd.
  • Turk's new Chief of Surgery ID badge.

Guest Cast

John Kahle as Ethan


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "The Happy Song" by Kate Micucci
  • "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles feat. Ingrid Michaelson


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No, no. We don't hit. Ever. You hit somebody and the anger is gone. It's all over. No, the goal should be to keep that anger inside you, growing. Like an anger baby.Janitor

We're having sex, like, all the time.Ted

(Everyone present gags)
Why do people react like that when they picture me havin' sex?

You try it!Dr. Kelso
(gags) Oh god!

I'm gonna miss your skinny white butt.Turk

I'm gonna miss your perfect brown one.J.D.


  • Nearly the entire main and supporting cast appear in this episode.
  • When J.D.'s life rushes past him in the parking lot of Sacred Heart you can see his roller blades.
  • In the commentary for this episode, Zach Braff reveals that Donald Faison was very uncomfortable hugging pantsless Zach. You can see him jutting his pelvis away from Zach's.
  • During the Brain Trust meeting an Apollo Bar can be seen in the vending machine. Apollo bars are from the ABC series Lost.
  • 1 Bendell is roughly worth 13 US cents.