Listen, Newbie, I don't tell you I respect you a lot because, well, I don't.Dr. Cox

I know.J.D.

"My Case Study" is the third episode of Scrubs' second season. All the residents want to win the trip to Reno by giving Dr. Kelso the most interesting case study. J.D. has to choose between the trip to Reno or Dr. Cox's respect. It's Dr. Kelso's anniversary and it's the one day of the year he approves equipment that costs. Everyone takes advantage of this. Carla and Elliot struggle to become friends.


2x3 Kelso kisses butt

Kelso kisses Mrs. Warner's butt.

When Dr. Kelso's anniversary rolls around, it is the one day of the year that he actually approves equipment that costs money. Turk is responsible for getting an argon laser, and the Janitor tries to get a new mop. The next day, Turk is in a lot of trouble because he was too late in asking Dr. Kelso for the laser, but when he finally decides to go to Kelso, he reveals that his wife is at fat camp, and Turk realizes that he's been lying for years, and blackmails him into getting surgery the argon laser.

Meanwhile, the new residents have to hand in case studies to Dr. Kelso, and whoever presents the most interesting one get to go to Reno. Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he respects doctors who don't try to exaggerate diseases to try to put in a case study so J.D. decides to stay on Dr. Cox's good side. Meanwhile, the two cannot figure out what's wrong with a board member, Mrs. Warner, who insists on helping Dr. Cox move ahead but Dr. Cox refuses, preferring to move up on his own. When the Janitor makes J.D. stay in line for him to ask Dr. Kelso something, J.D. ends up wandering away, into Mr. Davis' room who decides that J.D. can use him in his case study. J.D. decides to hide this from Dr. Cox, to remain respected. The Janitor uses his old mop to make J.D. fall and spread the dirty water over his face. To stop it from happening again, J.D. buys him a new mop, the Janitor being lost for words.

2x3 JD with perm

J.D. with a perm.

When Mr. Davis retracts his approval on the case study and J.D. is threatened by Dr. Kelso to hand one in, J.D. decides against it to stay friendly with Dr. Cox. But when Dr Cox and J.D. realize that Mrs. Warner has a very unique disease, J.D. is forced to choose between a certain Reno trip or staying with Dr. Cox. He decides to ask Mrs. Warner to use her case, and with her approval his case study is accepted and wins as the most interesting. When Dr. Cox lectures J.D. on selling his soul, J.D. tells him that it's okay to ask for help to further his career. While Dr. Cox has less respect for J.D., he realizes his point and asks Mrs. Warner for a recommendation.

At the same time, Elliot and Carla realize the only reason they hang out is because of Turk and J.D.. Elliot tries to force their friendship, but Carla doesn't want to be friends unless it comes naturally. After a patient, Mrs. Kellerman, makes them self conscious about their physical appearance, they bond over a glass of wine and talking about how the other is pretty.

Recurring Themes

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2x3 Front Butt

Elliot presents Front Butt


  • Dr. Kelso literally kissing Mrs. Warner's ass.
  • J.D. having a perm.
  • Dr. Kelso walks through the hospital brutally attacking everyone in his path.
  • Elliot presents a man with a Front Butt as the medical holy grail.

Janitor story

Janitor attempts to get a new mop from Dr. Kelso but asks J.D. to stand in line for him. J.D. gets out of line, and Janitor later dumps mop water on him because he didn't get a new mop. J.D. buys a new mop for Janitor, but Janitor decided he liked his old mop better, so he pours mop water on him again.

J.D.'s Girls Names

  • Angie
Come Angie, we're going for a walk.Dr. Cox

  • Friday
Okay, I'm Dr. Cox, and this is... my gal, Friday.Dr. Cox

Episode Recurring Gags

  • Dr. Kelso entering the hospital in different moods.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller
  • "What a Difference a Day Makes" by Dinah Washington
  • "Caught by the River" by the Doves


2x3 Angry Kelso

A very angry Kelso.

[An old woman has just been given surgery to give her larger breasts]
You're the husband? We've gotta get you some bigger handsThe Todd

You know, I don't care what you think!J.D.

Yeah you do.Dr. Cox
Look, I wanna be like you... but a more successful you. There's nothing wrong with playing the game once in a while. Tell you what: Ten years form now, when I'm your boss, I'll go ahead and throw in a good word for you and you won't even have to ask... sir.J.D.

Listen, Newbie, I don't tell you I respect you a lot because, well, I don't.Dr. Cox

I know.  (J.D.)

I'm sending one of you to an AMA conference where you will eat free food, stay at a nice hotel and try your darndest not to embarass this hospital. In the interest of fairness, I drew a name out of a hat and that name was Elliot Reid.Dr. Kelso

Yes! I never win at anything.Elliot
And then I thought... Oh, who cares what I thought? The point is, you're not going.

Don't worry. Remember tomorrow's his wedding anniversary.Carla

Why does that matter?Elliot
'Cause right about tomorrow, Bob Kelso will be sweeter than flowers dipped in honey.Dr. Cox
...which is why every year we use this time as an opportunity to ask him for anything our department needs. Like equipment...Dr. Wen
...Or an extra nurse on weekends.

Or a Slip 'n Slide! Who's with me?Todd
I don't get it Dr. Wen, why would Kelso's anniversary make him less of a jerk than usual?Turk
Well, tonight after work Dr. Kelso will take his wife to a candle lit dinner and then after they've toasted to 40 wonderful years together they'll go home and...! mm-bam!
I actually think it's really sweet that at their age they still ...

Bam! bam! bam! bam!


Elliot and Carla bond

And then bam, Dr. Wen points at me and now guess who has to go ask Dr. Kelso for a new argon laser tomorrowTurk

I'm sorry baby.Carla
I'm out of here.... damn argon laser


  • At the beginning of the episode, the camera zooms in on the top of the top corner of a building, possibly J.D. and Turk's. This shot is similar to the one Friends used when coming back from commercial break.
  • The main trio (and other interns, such as The Todd and Doug) hadn't heard about Dr. Kelso's annual anniversary giveaway despite them being at the hospital for little over a year.
  • Dr. Kelso talks to Dr. Carlson about buying a bronchoscope for pediatrics, but the guy that he's talking to is Dr. Mickhead in further episodes.
  • Dr. Mickhead, Colonel Doctor and Dr. Beardfacé appear in the front butt fantasy.
  • A fairly obvious continuity error occurs when J.D. finds out he has won the case study trip to Reno. Snoop Dogg Attending is first seen over Dr. Cox's shoulder, then over J.D.'s as the camera cuts to another shot 180 opposite and then appears over Dr. Cox's shoulder a final time when the camera cuts again.
  • According to the DVD commentary, Dr. Cox's imitation of Dr. Kelso having sex was originally much more graphic and vulgar. What we see in the episode is actually dialled way down from the original take.
  • In the scene where Elliot and Carla are talking about which body parts they'd like to switch with the other you can hear the song "Drown" by Poor Rich Ones playing in the background.
  • In this episode, Elliot says "We have a lot in common! I mean, we both have a hard time digesting dairy." to Carla, to which Carla sarcastically replies "You're right! Do you want to be my maid of honor?". When Carla actually gets engaged, she asks Elliot to be her maid of honor.
  • Dr. Kelso asks Doug what Ludwig's Angina is, and Doug is unable to answer. Ludwig's Angina is an inflammation of the tissues of the floor of the mouth, under the tongue.
  • Mr. Davis is said to have a broken penis. It is highly unlikely that he would end up being treated by J.D. since he is Medical and blunt trauma to the penis is a Surgical issue.
  • It is revealed that Doug's parents live in Reno, Nevada.
  • Realizing that longer credits would result in a shorter episode, NBC removed the new credits section in this episode. Also, the banjo track is missing from the opening song, and remains missing for most of Season Two.
  • Carla says that if it's even the slightest bit humid, her hair makes her look like Dr. Julius Erving (better known as Dr. J). Dr. J was a professional basketball player notable for his basketball skills and afro.
  • When Dr. Kelso tries to insult Nurse Roberts, he calls her Al Jarreau. Al Jarreau is an American jazz singer who has won five Grammy awards. Dr. Kelso actually meant to compare her to Ray Charles (or "that blind fellow", as Dr. Kelso calls him). Ray Charles was a famous pioneer in American music who was incredibly successful, despite being blind.
  • Elliot narrates part of this episode when she tries looking at herself in a mirror.
  • The nickname "My Gal Friday" is an homage to the 1940 Cary Grant film "His Girl Friday".
  • Title explanation: J.D. is struggling to find a case study that he can present to Dr. Kelso.

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