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I smell cake! If Uncle Bernie died, someone's gonna have to go on a beer run!Dan Dorian

"My Cake" is the sixth episode of Scrubs' fourth season. J.D.'s father dies. Turk becomes ill and suspects it may be diabetes. Dr. Cox and Janitor are nice to J.D. while he copes with his father's death.


A toast to Sam Dorian

J.D.'s brother, Dan, shows up with cake, a tradition in the Dorian family that indicates that something bad has happened: Their father, Sam, has died. Dan offers to be there for J.D. if he needs anything, but it is not long before Dan is sitting in the bathtub for hours on end, drinking beer. This becomes a problem; showering is more difficult for J.D. (and for Dan—J.D. "has Dad's butt"), and he has to make sure Dan doesn't drown. However, J.D. remains supportive and puts a whole load of ice and a six-pack of beer in the toilet for Dan. After a bit of pressure, Dr. Cox also helps out by covering J.D.'s patients, threatening his residents so they don't page him, and creating an "anti-drown" device for Dan (taping his head to the wall). Then it all suddenly hits J.D. His dad is dead—but he is unable to speak to Dan about it because he is now far too drunk, and Dr. Cox is too busy for him. J.D. gets annoyed that Dr. Cox hasn't come through. After some pressure from Elliot (who can't hug J.D. herself because of their recent breakup), he offers J.D. a hug, but J.D. thinks it's a joke and gets angry at him, and shoves him, leading Dr. Cox to punch him in the face. J.D. Retaliates by writing "WASH ME!" in dust on Perry's car's rear windscreen. Dr. Cox then speaks to Dan, who is still in the bathtub, and they both decide to help get J.D. through this. They all watch a football game together and reminisce about Sam one last time.

Molly tricks Turk into diagnosing himself

Carla is worried because Turk is tired all the time, losing weight, and needing to pee more—but Turk refuses to speak to another doctor about it. Molly comes up with an idea: She goes to Turk in the bathroom and asks about "a patient" who has the same symptoms as him. Turk diagnoses himself with Type II diabetes, which is later confirmed by another doctor. However, Turk lies to Carla about it, and problems happen when she bakes him a cake. Turk apologizes to Molly for being harsh about her being able to get into people's heads, and asks her to tell him why he is unable to tell Carla about his diabetes. Molly says it is because he thinks that Carla will no longer see him as a superman. Turk finds the courage to tell her about it, but she seems to have already known: She has made a "Turk's Diabetes" box, filled with recipes, diet ideas, and more.

Janitor, meanwhile, hears Dr. Kelso talking about a 55-year-old who is already an Alzheimer's patient and remarks upon Dr. Kelso's own age. Janitor then gets an idea for revenge, having incurred Dr. Kelso's anger by buying a crane and claiming that Kelso authorized the purchase. He uses the crane to move Dr. Kelso's car from where it was parked. When Dr. Kelso goes searching for his car, bewildered, Janitor returns it to its original spot. Later, Dr. Kelso is talking to Ted in his office, and when he looks away, Janitor swoops in through the window, attached to the crane, and steals Ted—before lowering him into Dr. Kelso's car, where he thanks Kelso for inviting him to dinner. Dr. Kelso is confused and believes his memory is failing, but eventually realizes it is Janitor. He apologizes to Janitor for being angry about the crane, but then has the bench that Janitor is sitting on raised into the air, leaving Janitor stuck.

Recurring Themes

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Carla and Molly are lesbians in Turk's head

Kabuki theatre


  • Turk's head is a large open space with the Sanford & Son theme constantly playing. Molly and Carla are in there, and in Turk's head they are lesbians. They move into a kiss, but the fantasy stops just before their lips touch.
  • Molly moves in to kiss J.D., but again, the fantasy ends just before their lips touch.
  • Turk moves in to kiss J.D., but to J.D.'s relief, his fantasy once again ends just in time.
  • J.D. comes into a patient's room dressed as a Kabuki performer and mimes a blade cutting his throat, before comforting a family about their recent loss.


  • While Turk is asleep, Carla and Molly meet Chuck Woolery, the host of Love Connection.
  • J.D. writes "Wash Me" on the back window of Dr. Cox's Porsche.

Janitor story

The Janitor goes overboard by renting a large crane just to fix the air conditioner. He gains the wrath of Dr. Kelso because of the expense of the crane rental. Janitor tries to convince Dr. Kelso that he has Alzheimer's. He also takes a break from bullying J.D. in this episode because J.D.'s dad died. Dr. Kelso gets his revenge by firing the Janitor's accomplice and having someone use the crane to lift him up on a bench.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Ginger and Rosalita
What are you gonna do? You're gonna hide from him all day and then call him Ginger.Elliot

No, it's Monday. Which, of course, means it's Ethnic Day, so I'll be going with Rosalita.Dr. Cox
  • Wonderbra
Hey, Wonderbra? Do you have a second?Dr. Cox

  • Cox also says J.D. has a sundress when ranting about taking all of his patients.

Episode Running Gags

  • Molly and Carla meet Chuck Woolery in a flashback, and he later gives J.D. a hug to comfort him.
  • Carla offers Turk a cake, and J.D. thinks someone died. Dan smells the cake from the bathtub and thinks the same thing.

Guest Stars

Tom Cavanagh as Dan Dorian.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Stop Joking Around" by Hawksley Workman
  • "Wine and Roses" by Jeremy Kay (Replaces "Stop Joking Around" in the iTunes version)


"You're over 55, aren't you, sir?" — Janitor

He's not a day over 55 and he has Alzheimer's. Really makes you think, doesn't it?Dr. Kelso

You're over 55, aren't you, sir?Janitor
What's your point?


I may have lost some muscle mass in my legsDan

People are laughing with you!Ted

I did no such thing. Now, I'm not sure how one would go about making a janitor's life even more miserable...Dr. Kelso

You think you'll get out of the tub today?J.D.

Yeah, today doesn't look good. By the way, could you get me another beer?Dan
No, look, I put a six-pack for you in the toilet.J.D.

Look, Mr. Cannon, let's drop the forgetful act. Now, if you don't sign these papers, this hospital will discharge you, and then we'll see what you do and do not remember!Ted

The man has Alzheimer's, bozo.Dr. Kelso

"I don't have gay jungle fever!" - J.D.

Turk goes in for a kiss

Stop it! I don't have gay jungle fever!J.D.

It's impossible to get a doctor to go see a doctor.Carla

I'm here for my ear infection.Patient

Go in and take your pants off.Dr. Kim

What's he like in post-game? Is there spooning? Because I don't spoon. I'm not a spooner.Dr. Cox

So, how'd it go?Elliot

Punched him in the face.Dr. Cox

Dan? You were with him? I thought you'd dissolved.J.D.

"It took a whole tube of gel, but I finally got my hair down" - Ted

Well, it took a whole tube of gel, but I finally got my hair down.Ted

No one male or female ever cared, Ted.Dr. Kelso

I feel like your dad dying has stolen my diabetes' thunder.Turk

Oh my God, just this second I thought your diabetes was going to get in the way of my dad dying.J.D.
[Both laugh.]
Isn't that funny?
Ha, ha. Cool.

Look. Dan.Dr. Cox

It's Captain Bubblebeard. [Pirate voice] Alas, matey. Shut your scupper and bear your steel.Dan
[Cox pushes Dan's head under the bath water.]
Now you're Dan again. Lets break down the kid's support system, shall we? He's got me, an emotionally crippled narcissist, and he's got you, an emotionally crippled narcissist who's soaking in a tub of what has to be by now mostly your own urine.

I believe the ratio has shifted that way, yes.Dan


Turk's imagination

  • This episode was written in the memory of John Ritter, who played J.D.'s dad in earlier episodes. Ritter died on September 11, 2003, from an aortic dissection.
  • This is one of a few episodes in which J.D. isn't tormented by the Janitor, not counting "My Lucky Day" and "My Last Words", in which the Janitor doesn't appear.
  • When giving their final tribute to Sam Dorian, the trio of J.D., Dan, and Dr Cox are wearing the jerseys of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team, despite the fact that they are watching a football game.
  • This is the first of two appearances by Dr. Kim, who always asks his patients to take their pants off before they go in for an examination, regardless of the issue. He appears again in the episode "My Fallen Idol."
  • This episode is notable for having a fantasy within a fantasy within a fantasy.
  • In this episode, Dan actually calls J.D. "J.D.", instead of calling him "Johnny" as he usually does.
  • This is the first of only two episodes to be filmed in front of a live studio audience. The other being the season 4 episode "My Scrubs".