A whole week of sleep, you’re going to have some killer bed head. I’m nervous, I’m sorry. I love bed head, see?J.D.

"My Buddy's Booty" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Scrubs. Everyone's favorite patient, Mrs. Wilk, is put into a coma for intubation after developing a lung infection. Elliot starts a booty call with Keith. Carla asks Turk to convince Dr. Kelso to make the gym more female-friendly. Dr. Cox and Janitor become friends at the bar.


Dr. Cox collapses while J.D. goes over his story regarding Julie

Mrs. Wilk encounters a major setback in her recovery from her serious disease when she develops a lung infection. In order to keep her alive, she will have to be intubated for a week. This procedure is extremely risky and cannot be done safely while the patient is conscious, so Mrs. Wilk has to be sedated and put into a medically-induced coma until the infection clears. Just before being put into the procedure, she advises J.D. and Cox to let her die if the procedure fails.

Everybody deals with Mrs. Wilk's status in their own way; Turk goes to work out, Carla and Elliot eat six gallons of ice cream, Cox goes to the bar and J.D. tries to pick-up women (which also doubles as a way to get over breaking up with Julie). When that doesn't work, Turk suggests J.D. make a booty call. J.D. enlists Elliot (who along with him are worrying the most about Mrs. Wilk) to booty call someone as well.

Elliot gets revenge on J.D. after he keeps bothering Keith

They decide to choose from a pool of interns, but are all too unattractive for even a booty call. But Elliot turns the tables by hooking up with Keith Dudemeister, one of the interns and J.D.'s nemesis.

J.D. believes the relationship won't last long, then finds them post-lovemaking in their apartment. J.D.'s original suggestion backfires completely when Elliot turns Keith into her own sex puppy - he'll do anything she wants for a little attention. J.D. isn't happy about it, since he didn't hook up with anyone, and asks her to stop hanging with him. She doesn't. And to make matters worse, she tells Keith to page her if J.D. bothers him.

5x11-Turk nearly attacked by staplers.jpg

Meanwhile; Carla asks Turk to approach Dr. Kelso about making the gym more female friendly. Dr. Cox gets wind of the idea and convinces Turk that would be a bad idea. Turk and J.D. go to Kelso's office, but instead of asking him, they phrase their sentence to make it seem like they asked him about a doctor named Jim who needs medical equipment. When Kelso gives them a resounding no and throws them out of his office, conveniently saying "There's no way in hell that Jim (gym) is getting new equipment!" Carla is convinced that they did their job. Turk's cover is later blown when Dr. Kelso changes his mind and gives to "OK" to Dr. Bianco getting the new MRI machine, which is what Turk really asked him about, instead of the gym.

5x11-Jordan asks Perry to bring boy toy home.jpg

While Cox is worrying about Mrs. Wilk at the bar, he and Janitor begin hanging out more and eventually form a lop-sided friendship over drinks and bond as drinking-buddies. Cox is stunned when Janitor later reveals that he can't be friendly to Cox at the hospital, because it will ruin his rep with his fellow working class friends. Cox accepts this and their friendship ends peacefully, although he is privately sad over it.


All the couples end up in an argument in the same elevator, but it ends when they each get a page on Mrs. Wilk's condition: she awakes from her coma with the infection cleared. This sudden appearance of good luck causes all of their petty arguments to fade away. In the end, the gym gets new women-only equipment, Cox and Janitor become bar-friends again (but not work-friends to preserve the Janitor's rep), and J.D. and Elliot make up...but J.D. still hates Keith.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. as a caveman


  • J.D., as a caveman, makes a booty call.


Mrs. Wilk teaches Turk how to dance

  • Mrs. Wilk teaches Turk how to dance.
  • Janitor sets J.D.'s bed on fire.

Janitor story

Janitor becomes friends with Dr. Cox in the bar, but when in front of all the other cleaning staff and related friends, Janitor won't admit that this is true. Dr. Cox obviously finds this annoying, because a Janitor is embarrassed of him.

Guest Stars


Elliot sticks a picture of Gary Busey over Julie's head

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Shadow" by The Southland
  • "Open" by Rob Laufer
  • "Head Off" by Moris Tepper
  • "Without You" by Tart
  • "Blue" by Jayhawks


J.D.'s raccoon scratch marks.

Dr. D, what’s that on your back?Jason

Those Jason, are the panicked scratches of the adolescent raccoon, who until animal control can get into my home, is currently residing in my sock drawer.J.D.

[To Mrs. Wilk who is about to go into a week long coma]

A whole week of sleep, you’re going to have some killer bed head. I’m nervous, I’m sorry. I love bed head, see?J.D.

You ok, Dr. Dorian?Keith

Keith, it’s like you’re begging me to hate you.J.D.
I don’t feel like I am.

You can’t stop, can you?
You think you're better than me? With your rock-hard abs, and your dynamite areolas? You're not. J.D. to Keith


Mrs. Wilk recovers from her coma

  • The "El Toro Grande" brand of condoms phrase is the spanish for "The Big Bull".
  • After the Janitor insults Dr. Cox with work friends one of them is alleged to say "Nice one, Tom" indicating that the Janitor's real name is Tom. However, it has been debated that the "work friend" is saying, "Nice, you tell 'im" and not "Nice one Tom". Moreover, if the "work friend" did say "Tom" this could just be another one of the Janitor's persona, along the lines of Nigel or Ephrem, and not his real name. Bill Lawrence had confirmed that the Janitor's name would later be revealed in the last episode of the show. It was shown not to say "Nice one Tom" the subtitles show him to actually be saying "nice you tell him". In the Season Eight finale, a person, in fact, calls the Janitor "Tommy" after the Janitor reveals his name to J.D.
  • When J.D. pulls the cover off his dead patient Mr. Joy, the patient's mouth is open. However, in the next shot, his mouth is closed.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, the Janitor purposely parks his van in front of J.D., making him hit it straight-on. The van shown is also the van in the popular television series, 'The A-Team.'

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