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Oh no. We got a glitch. Abort the plan! Abort the surprise! Abort the babies!J.D.

"My Bright Idea" is the sixteenth episode of Scrubs' fifth season. Carla's pregnancy tests continue to turn up negative, and Turk makes a huge discovery. J.D. helps keep a secret under wraps until the appropriate time. J.D. tricks the Janitor into eating a GPS transmitter.


Turk finds out Carla is pregnant.

Pregnancy Tests

Carla performs yet another home pregnancy test and to her dismay, it comes up negative. After she leaves, Turk realizes the result time for the test is longer than they expected and the test turns out to be positive. J.D. convinces Turk to take advantage of this unique situation and round up all of Carla's friends and have them surprise her with the news, becoming the first husband to ever tell his wife she is pregnant. When Carla reveals to Turk her greatest joy will be when she can tell her friends and family one by one that she is pregnant, Turk hastily scraps the plan.

A beaming Carla tells J.D. that she is pregnant


With the help of their close friends, J.D. and Turk are able to keep the failed surprise under wraps and hint at Carla to take another test. Everything is going according to plan until J.D. accidentally lets it slip that Turk already told him. However, Carla explains she doesn't really care about being the one to spread the news - she's happy just to be pregnant with Turk.

Janitor tackles J.D. in under 10 seconds after clearing hurdles.

J.D. & Janitor

Meanwhile, J.D. accuses Janitor of telling another lie. With Janitor seeming more vindictive than ever before, J.D. and Turk trick him into eating a penny, which is actually a GPS beacon, thus enabling them to evade him using a GPS receiver. Janitor is finally able to tackle J.D. by hurdling 100 meters in less than 10 seconds while J.D. is changing the batteries in the GPS receiver. While Janitor claims he easily outran world class speed (12.21 seconds), there is no guarantee the obstacles he hurdled match the official track.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. pats a potential grandfather.

  • J.D. goes to a "Grandfather Kennel" to find a new grandpa.


  • J.D. is chasing an ambulance on his scooter after Turk ditches the tracking device in the ambulance.
  • The Janitor is a world class hurdler...who smokes cigarettes.

Janitor story

The Janitor back in his hurdling heyday.

The Janitor once again tells a fantastic story about him being a world class runner and sleeping with Amy Carter. J.D. confronts him about this, which angers the Janitor. After playing a hide & seek game with a tracking device with Turk, J.D. decides to put the tracking device (which looks like a penny) on the Janitor. Turk gets the Janitor to swallow the "penny" for five dollars. Later, when J.D. is changing the batteries to the tracker, a process that takes 12 seconds, the Janitor hurdles over obstacles from 100 meters away and body-checks him in less than 10 seconds, proving that he was telling the truth about being a world class runner.

Guest Stars

Christina Miles as Gloria, telling it like it smells.

  • Art 'Buddy' Botham as Old Man #2
  • Charles Butler as Father Rosenberg
  • Rebecca Metz as Volunteer Woman
  • Christina Miles as Gloria
  • Weston I. Nathanson as Old Man #1
  • Hans Raith as German Guy
  • Sabin Rich as Stanley
  • Shannon Factor as Claire


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Running One" by Tom Tykwer, Johny Klimek, and Reinhold Heil
  • "All of the Words" by Kutless


Dr. Cox unwittingly insults a German patient's wife

Ihre Frau hat einen schoenen Busen.Dr. Cox

Was hast du gerade gesagt?German Guy
Schoenen Busen. How are ya?

My friends, we have just lo-jacked the Janitor.J.D.

Excuse me, but does anyone here happen to have a plate of Jeebies? Because these two here just have me a big, old scoop of the Heebies. Seriously, it cannot just be me.Dr. Cox

[Dr. Cox speaks into a pen like a microphone, imitating a talk show host.]

I want to hear from the audience, I do. Dating in the workplace: She's the boss, he's the pretty intern, tell me what's bugging you. Courage.

[Dr. Cox points the pen at Gloria. Gloria clears her throat.]

Well, sometimes they arrive in the morning and they smell like sex.Gloria
Gloria, telling it like it smells. I'm proud of you.

"Actually, I'm pro choice." - Father Rosenberg.

We're just going to have to face that fact that you might not get pregnant for a very, very, very long time.Turk

I know it's going to happen, Turk. And you know what I'm looking forward to the most?Carla
What's that?

When we can go around to our friends and tell them one by one I'm pregnant. I can't wait to see the look of surprise on each one of their faces. I think about it every day. Anyone who tries to take those moments away from me, I'll kill them.
Me too. Just need to send a quick text.

[Cut to parking lot. J.D. is reading his phone.]

Oh no. We got a glitch. Abort the plan! Abort the surprise! Abort the babies!J.D.

[J.D. pops the baby balloon Father Rosenberg is holding.]


[Cut to hallway. Turk and Carla exit to the parking lot, which is now deserted. Pan to the bushes.]

[whispering] Sorry about the whole "abort the babies" thing
[whispering] Actually, I'm pro-choice.Father Rosenberg


The crowd celebrates upon Carla's announcement.

  • In this episode you can see a Terrible Towel on Turk and Carla's wall. The Terrible Towel is the good luck charm of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Dr. Cox talks to a red Swingline stapler, referring to his appearance in the movie Office Space.
  • When Turk throws his wine at J.D., J.D.'s glass is shown to be on the end table behind him. When the camera angle changes and J.D. gets hit with Turk's wine, J.D.'s glass is suddenly in his hand.
  • Janitor's lies that J.D lists include:
  1. The Janitor went to Harvard. ("My Lucky Night")
  2. The Janitor has a wife who only has a pointer on one hand and thumb-pinky on the other. ("My Drama Queen")
  3. The Janitor has a brother-dad and a mother-sister. ("My Own American Girl"). Originally, though, Janitor called her a "sister-mother", not a mother-sister like J.D says.
  4. The Janitor has two kids. (possibly from ("My First Day"), in which Janitor references his "janitor kids")
  5. The Janitor has one kid. ("My First Step") ("My Own Private Practice Guy")
  6. The Janitor had a baby with a Chinese local. ("My New God")
  7. The Janitor is a deaf-mute.
  • The Janitor says that it will take J.D. 10 seconds to change the batteries, while it only took about 7 seconds.
  • This episode was supposed to air after "My Chopped Liver", especially since J.D. was supposed to be bald in this episode.
  • At about 8 minutes into the episode, Dr. Beardfacé is behind Dr. Cox, but when the camera angles to Elliot, Dr. Beardfacé is behind her as well.
  • Jordan appears in the bar scene, yet has no lines in the episode.