Back to your room, Mr. Johnson, you've got one ventricle!J.D.

"My Big Move" is the twenty-second episode of Scrubs' fourth season. Janitor wears a new uniform. J.D. gets in the middle of a fight between Carla and Turk and decides to move out. Elliot makes Dr. Cox look like a fool with a patient.



J.D. realizes he should take the hit, not Carla

Turk & Carla

Turk has found out about the kiss that Carla shared with J.D. after she admitted it to him. ("My Lips Are Sealed") Tensions are high between Turk, J.D., and Carla when they arrive at the hospital. Turk decides he will only be able to get closure on the kiss if he has someone to blame. J.D. and Carla decide they won't play his games, before going to Turk and trying to get the blame off themselves. In the end, Turk chooses to blame Carla for the kiss and goes on to tell Carla that something is very wrong with their relationship, since she told Turk about the kiss so fast. J.D. is happy that he averted the silent treatment from Turk, before becoming guilty when he sees just how badly it has affected Turk and Carla's relationship. He kisses Turk as a demonstration of his and Carla's kiss and tells him he is responsible for what happened because he didn't try hard enough as a husband. Turk forgives Carla at dinner and holds J.D. accountable. J.D. decides he's moving out to give them their space.

Jordan & Dr. Cox

Jordan worries because her 17-year-old neighbor, Pedro, brushes off a clear request for sex. Dr. Cox is given a teaching award and asks Jordan to accompany him, but she's injected so much Botox into her face that she can't move it into any expression.


Elliot speaks to a patient who Dr. Cox can't understand

Elliot vs. Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox takes Elliot's teenage female patient, Lindsay, off her hands because he believes he formed a connection with her when he treated her previously. Elliot discovers that Lindsay is ill because she isn't taking her medication. Dr. Cox tells Lindsay to stop wasting everyone's time, but this only makes her cry. Elliot speaks to her and finds out that the problem is that she wants to be in control of her own medication. The situation is easily resolved, much to the embarrassment of Dr. Cox. Elliot explains to Cox that all women still have that awkward, insecure teenage girl within themselves, and he realizes that Jordan wasn't being selfish; she was just feeling vulnerable. He decides to stay in with her instead of going to the awards ceremony, and they eat pizza and watch movies.

Recurring Themes

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  • Turk is haunted by visions of J.D. and Carla together, making out next to the OR and flirtatiously eating sweet potato fries.

Janitor story


Janitor tries on his new uniform to find no one fears him


No one is afraid of the Janitor

The Janitor approaches Kelso about changing the design of his uniform. Kelso refuses to listen, and the Janitor threatens to "wax everything in your world" after an earlier incident with an over-zealously waxed floor. Kelso relents and presents the Janitor with a new uniform that is essentially identical to his old one, only it's robin's-egg blue. However, the Janitor soon discovers that no one is afraid of him when he wears his new uniform, even Ted and J.D.. Kelso reveals that he chose robin's-egg blue on purpose because it has a calming effect on people. Now no one fears the Janitor or takes him seriously — not even J.D.. Tired of the patronizing and infantile way he's being treated, the Janitor decide to change back to his old uniform, although he wears the new one when not working, as he likes the effect it has outside the hospital on his own time. He seems to have more of a social life, if only with birds.

Episode Running Gags

  • When Janitor changes uniforms, he does it in a crowded area, at an unusually quick pace, while everyone watches.
  • According to Kelso, different colored clothing has different psychological effects on people. He notes the Janitor's new uniform as well as Ted's orange tie; orange provokes hostility.
    • The Todd gives Ted a "fist five."
    • While talking with J.D., Turk walks by Ted and gives him a karate-like punch in the shoulder.
  • Because of Jordan's Botox, she is unable to express the pain of bumping into Turk or the happiness brought on by the Janitor's new uniform.
  • During J.D.'s internal monologue about relationships, he begins to think about the circus while a clown patient is in the vicinity. Then, when he tells Turk not to act like a "crazy cowboy," a cowboy walks out of the hospital.
  • The Todd senses when something awesome has happened, like when Elliot and Carla kiss, and when something horrible has happened, like when Turk tells Carla, "No more girl-on-girl kissing demonstrations."

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "C'mon, Get Happy" by David Cassidy (theme from The Partridge Family)
  • "Don't Look Away" by Joshua Radin



"Show me... amused. Bemused. C-mused." - Dr. Cox

It's not that bad.Jordan on her Botox

Reeeaaally. Show me happy.Dr. Cox
[Jordan's face remains expressionless]
[Jordan's face remains expressionless]
[Jordan's face remains expressionless]
Amused. Bemused. C-mused.
[Jordan's face remains expressionless]
Show me angry.
[Jordan knees Cox in the crotch]
OOOOOOOOOOOO! Got angry down.Cox, now in falsetto

This one has a cape.Dr. Kelso

It gives me the option of fighting crime...after work, of course.Janitor

This one's just a kangaroo...sometimes I draw kangaroos.Janitor


"Hey Lindsay! What's up, Girlfriend." - Dr. Cox

Hey Lindsay! What's up, girlfriend.Dr. Cox

[Lindsey averts gaze with embarrassment]
See, rapport.Cox aside to Elliot

That's an awkward time, y'know. Your breasts are growing, not always symmetrically. You like boys; maybe one gives you a ride home and you think something's going to happen, but it doesn't, and that makes it official that you're a lopsided freak! Happy ending, though: 'Lefty' caught up in college.Elliot on the adolescent experience

Wow, that color really brings out your package.The Todd

Thank you, supposedly straight surgeon. It's a good day.Janitor

All you have to do is have sex with him and he'll forgive you. If I have sex with him, he'll probably end up madder.J.D.

Soooooooooooooooooo Linds-o, it must be kinda cool having the same name as that Lindsay Lohan. Gosh, she's super cool. Just between you and me and the IV, I've probably seen 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen', oh, I don't know, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times. What a film.Dr. Cox to an unresponsive Lindsay

The silent treatment.Carla

[Be gracious] I've got three words for you, Sucks to be, adding a fourth, you.J.D.

"After sharing a quick victory dance with victory dance coach..." - J.D.

After sharing a quick victory dance with Roland, the heavyset orderly, who coincidentally was my Victory dance coach...J.D.'s narration

Pop the hips!Roland the heavyset orderly
Pop the hips, J.D.!
There it is. Thanks Roland, one day I'll get it.

I doubt it.

Back to your room, Mr. Johnson, you've got one ventricle!J.D.

Feared in Grey, Beautiful in Blue. Feared in Grey, Beautiful in Blue.Janitor

I'm gonna grab a fry and some ketchup. [Eats fry] Ah, it's cold.Ted
That's it!

Well, that's kind of a trick question, Turk. I mean, if I say yes, it's like I'm saying, "Damn dude, your wife is hot and I'd like to get me some of that." But if I say no, then I'm all like, "Yo, I know she's your wife, but you can keep that fish-lipped bitty."J.D.


  • It is revealed in this episode that the Janitor has a tattoo of a mop.
  • Janitor's light blue uniform was used in the earlier episode "My Life in Four Cameras" during J.D.'s sitcom fantasy.
  • When in the cafeteria, J.D. has beef in his burger. When the shot changes, the burger is suddenly chicken and lettuce. When the shot changes again, it is once again beef.
  • In "My Roommates," Jordan refers to her 17-year-old neighbor as Pablo, but in this episode she refers to him as Pedro.
  • Like Laverne's Actress Aloma Wright, Pedro's actor Michael Copon appeared on Power Rangers.