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That's his "In your face" dance.... Or it's his "There's a sale on lotion" dance. I dunno; he's got so many dances.J.D.

"My Big Mouth" is the fourth episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. betrays Carla by telling Turk her feelings. Turk realizes that he was selected over Bonnie by Dr. Kelso because she was a girl, not because he is better. Elliot delievers bad news for Dr. Cox to get respected more by him.


Turk brags to Bonnie

While treating a patient, J.D. realizes that he knows very little about Carla. He asks her about it, but Carla tells him she doesn't usually open up to people because they would think she is crazy. Eventually she does confide in him, revealing all her insecurities including that she thinks Turk and Bonnie Chang (Turk's rival surgeon) have something going on together when she watches them taunt each other. J.D. thinks that it is ridiculous and tells Turk about it, who accidentally lets slip to Carla, who gets upset and refuses to ever trust J.D. again, as well as telling an attractive nurse that he's been switching her shifts to align with his.

J.D. duct tapes Turk's mouth.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is being picked for better and more surgeries than Turk and is taunting him about it. When Dr. Kelso picks Turk to join him on the "Doctors Without Borders" program, Turk proceeds to taunt her back. But his victory is cut short when Dr. Wen reveals that he was only picked, despite Dr. Wen recommending Bonnie, because Dr. Kelso is a sexist. When Dr. Kelso admits this, Turk offers Bonnie the trip and the two argue until they decide to let Todd go to get back at Kelso.

Elsewhere, Elliot tries to get noticed by and get more of a relationship with Dr. Cox and repetitively tries to have a conversation with him and he eventually allows her to help him: by giving all the patients the bad news on behalf of him. Elliot soon finds the sadness too overwhelming for her and forgets about Dr. Cox and his new found respect for her, and puts her happiness first.

Recurring Themes

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Janitor and Troy bathe in egg salad.


  • Carla slaps everyone, as she is the bad cop.
  • When Elliot vents at J.D., it registers in his mind as a ringing in his head, just as Dr. Cox described it.
  • Carla pops her head open to let J.D see what goes on in her mind, revealing a bright white light that melts the skin and muscle off of his face, a reference to the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • J.D duct-tapes Turk's mouth shut, and the two along with Carla learn sign language.
  • Janitor and his cafeteria worker friend Troy bathe in J.D's egg salad.

Janitor story

J.D inadvertently insults the Janitor and his cafeteria worker friend, Troy, so the two of them decide to annoy J.D. by pretending to be overly stupid such as not being able to work a phone.

Guest Stars


Carla opens her head...

...and J.D.'s face...

...melts away.

So! How are my girls today? Fantastic. Listen.Dr. Kelso

Dr. Kelso, if you're here to do one of your "How are my girls today, now let me tell you some things you don't want to hear" routines, I should warn you: I'm in a mood. So it's probably in your best interest to make up some lame excuse, turn around, and leave. Carla
Young lady, I will not be spoken to like that! Luckily, for you, I have to go see Mrs. Pfitztuffulla down in Pfofferoptrics.

It makes me feel so... word?Janitor

Yes, that's it, I'm a janitor so I couldn't think of the word sad! I was going to say "It makes me feel so 'mop'".

Let me explain, I -
Go ahead, I'm mopping.

Maybe I shouldn't bother.
Maybe you 'mopn't'.

Huh! So I'm doing a Nissen gastric fundoplication; and you're doing...yet another appendectomy. How fun for you!Bonnie

Please, you call that smack-talk? You shoulda asked me how it feels to be so far below you, I wouldn't be able to read "Suck it, Turk" if you wrote it on the bottom of your shoe.Turk
Okay. How does that feel?


Fork! Me can't eat soup! (Grunts)Janitor

J.D. said you're a big ol' can o' crazy.Turk

A little can... a very tiny, small can.J.D.
Nah, you said big can.

Yes, it's like being blind in one eye... except you'll be blind in both.Elliot

Shove it, Turk!Bonnie

Oh, I'll shove it. And love it. And dance around above it.Turk

Then why is he doing his "You're so getting a piece of this" dance?Carla

He's not! That's his "In your face" dance.... Or it's his "There's a sale on lotion" dance. I dunno; he's got so many dances.J.D.


Fork! Me can't eat soup!


  • The Scrubs crew occasionally hold contests to see who can eat the most disgusting thing. Many members of the cast ate the egg salad that the Janitor and Troy bathed in.
  • When Carla tells Dr. Kelso to go away because she's in a mood, Dr. Kelso gets frightened and starts speaking gibberish, saying "Luckily, for you, I have to go see Mrs. Pfitztuffulla down in Pfofferoptrics".
  • It is revealed that Turk has many dances, including an "in your face" dance, "you're so getting a piece of this" dance and "there's a sale on lotion" dance.


  • Carla's head glowing and J.D.'s head melting is a reference to the opening of the Ark of the Covenant on Raiders of the Last Ark, the first Indiana Jones film.


  • When Turk is holding a tissue by Bonnie's forehead in the start, his hand position changes between shots.
  • When Elliot is lying on the floor, the cereals on her change their position. At first there is more of them on her stomach.
  • During the scene where they are sitting in the cafeteria talking about ninjas, a woman in a purple sweater is near the beginning of the line behind J.D.. When they cut to the other side of the table the lady with the purple sweater is at the cash register 20 feet further down the line.
  • During the scene where J.D. narrates the lesson he learned, we can see Turk looking out towards the limousine and hear honking, even though the driver (or what appears to be the driver) is waiting outside on the side of the limousine, nowhere near the horn.