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Damn you, you dirty ape!J.D.

"My Big Brother" is the sixth episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. discovers he is ashamed of his big brother, Dan Dorian (Tom Cavanagh), who comes to visit. Dan finds he is attracted to Elliot, which annoys J.D. Turk feels guilty for betting on a patient's life.


J.D.'s older brother Dan Dorian has come to town. Within the first few minutes of his visit, he manages to anger Dr. Cox and pretend he's a doctor by giving a patient a diagnosis. Dan starts to hint that he's attracted to Elliot. This doesn't sit well with J.D., who tells Dan that he and Elliot previously slept together, so she is off limits.

Elliot later joins J.D. and Dan for lunch and Dan tries to pump Elliot for information about how J.D. is in bed. Elliot insinuates that he is good, but not great; J.D. is shocked. Dan tells Elliot that he tends bar and lives with his mother, things that J.D. tries to make seem better than they actually are. Contrary to the enthusiasm J.D. shows for his brother, he's actually ashamed of how little Dan has accomplished, something he had not realized until now.

Doug dressed up for Halloween.

Noticing the tension between the brothers, Elliot urges J.D. to have a talk with Dan and gets the two of them together. Dan confronts J.D. about the fact that he is embarrassed by how Dan lives his life. Later that day, the two of them finally get things out in the open. J.D. tells Dan that the reason he is stuck in a dead-end job and still lives at home is that he's afraid to fail. Dan responds by walking away.

Carla and Laverne dressed up for Halloween.

Meanwhile, Turk and Dr. Cox argue over the best course of treatment for Mr. Carney, a patient. Turk wins, so Mr. Carney ends up having surgery. He and Dr. Cox bet $20 on whether he will survive the procedure. Previously, another of Turk's patients died, and Turk tries to prove he cares by going to the funeral, bringing Carla with him. But at the funeral, he forgets the patient's name, and he leaves feeling worse. Dr. Cox later tells him that doctors keep their distance from patients because it's the only way to keep going in medicine when patients die.

J.D. and Turk end up at the bar wearing pig heads, staying youthful and joyful.

Recurring Themes

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Dan and Elliot make out.


  • Dan and Elliot make out in front of J.D.
  • As Dan drives away, J.D. remembers him as the cool guy whom he idolized as a kid.

Janitor story

  • Janitor tells J.D. he will "trick" him during the day, and J.D. suspects him when a man in a gorilla suit knocks folders out of his hands. However, it is revealed at the end of the episode that it was Dr. Kelso, who everyone believed hated Halloween costumes. Janitor's "trick" is never revealed.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Vivian
What the hell are you doing here?J.D.

You know, it's funny, Vivian, I was just going to ask you the exact same question, seeing as how I paged you 4 minutes and 38 seconds ago.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

J.D. and Turk celebrate Halloween.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Something's Always Wrong" by Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • "Diatom Blues" by Dylan Donkin


Damn you, you dirty ape!J.D.

Would people please stop calling me 'chief'?Dr. Cox

Hey, numb nuts!Dr. Kelso
Aaaactually, I'm not so keen on nicknames from guys that barely know me!

Aaaaactually, why don't you tell me what you are keen on?Dan

Stop your stupid laughing! It makes you look like a whore! ... Jokin'!J.D.

Yeah, I thought I was gonna be cool in high school for like five minutes, but then my dad made me play the tuba in the marching band and I developed massive forearms. Halfway through the prom, my silk gloves exploded off me like I was the Incredible Hulk.Elliot



  • First appearance of Dan Dorian.
  • This is the first episode where Dr. Cox calls Turk "Gandhi".
  • According to the DVD commentary, the producers picked out Tom Cavanagh to play Dan Dorian because they thought that he and Zach Braff looked alike. At the time of this episode, Cavanagh was staring in the lead role of the NBC series Ed.
  • The girl at the store who asks J.D., "Can I help you, sir?" is the same actress who would later play the intern Daisy in "My Ocardial Infarction".


  • Dr. Cox says, "Will people please stop calling me 'chief'?", but when he becomes the Chief of Medicine in Season Eight he insists on it.
  • Dr. Kelso is considerably shorter than J.D. and Janitor is considerably taller, but J.D. assumed it was Janitor.


  • The correct answer to Dr. Kelso's question—"What is the underlying dermatological condition in rhinophyma?"— is rosacea. Rhinophyma is a large, bulbous, ruddy appearance of the nose. Dr. Kelso asks Doug the question because of the clown nose Doug is wearing for Halloween.
  • Dr. Cox refers to one of his patients in the ER as a "gomer". This is a real medical acronym for "Get Outta My Emergency Room" from the book House of God.