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Why? You got a h... [Careful, he's a burn victim. Don't say "hot date"] rendezvous? [Damn it!]J.D.

"My Bad Too" is the seventh episode of Scrubs' seventh season. Carla worries about ensuring Izzy a bright future. Dr. Cox rants to Dr. Kelso and Elliot about a patient who cannot control what he eats and is constantly returning to the hospital. Turk learns Spanish as a gift for Carla, but is convinced to keep it a secret for his own benefit.


The interns play space invaders.

Carla frantically tells Turk that she has ruined Izzy's life by missing a parent meeting for her play group. Turk tells her that she is an excellent parent even if she makes tiny mistakes, and Carla tells him his kindness will come back to him. Moments later on the roof J.D. and Turk talk about how they can still congratulate each other for getting sex. They then play space invaders using the interns as the invaders and water balloons as missiles. Back inside the interns get upset and J.D. and Turk must rush to find a lesson this had supposedly taught them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox rants to Dr. Kelso and Elliot about a patient who cannot control what he eats and is constantly returning to the hospital. When Kelso storms out, annoyed by Cox's speeches, Cox decides he is going to try his "I'll-take-that-food-right-out-of-your-hands diet" on Kelso. J.D. then gets a new patient who is suffering from burns. Emery tells J.D. that he needs to be out of the hospital by the next Saturday, and J.D. lets him know he will do all he can.

Dr. Kelso can not stop eating cake.

Carla and Turk talk about their 6 year anniversary of their first date. Turk reveals to the guys in the hospital that he has learned Spanish as a gift. Lloyd and Elliot talk about how Lloyd is now an ambulance driver. J.D. then asks Elliot for advice about getting Emery to his graduation, she reminisces about how she read a love letter from her mother to the pool boy instead of her speech at hers. J.D. instantly disregards her advice. Later, Elliot picks Izzy up from Carla and Turk's apartment. Carla speaks on the phone in Spanish about 'brinner', which is breakfast for dinner. Turk understands and cleans up the apartment just so he can have brinner. Elliot stops by the hospital to pick up a stroller and confronts J.D. about not heeding her advice. He tells her that he was just looking for someone to back up his decision. A few moments later Cox tells J.D. that Emery's burns have become infected.

Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso convince Turk to keep his new "power" of Spanish hidden from Carla, so he can have an advantage in their relationship. Elliot tries to cheer up J.D. by telling him that they will still sneak Emery out to his graduation to keep the promise. Kelso brings a cake up to Cox and tells him that Cox stealing his food is helping him loose weight, and he needs for him to continue to do so. Turk then angers Cox, who reveals to Carla Turk's "power".

Emery makes it to his graduation.

At Emery's graduation, Lloyd, Turk, Carla, Elliot, and J.D. lower Emery out of an ambulance. Alone, Carla tells Turk that she forgives him for hiding his new ability from her, and they have sex in the back of the ambulance. Meanwhile, Emery tells J.D. that he feels nervous, but J.D. encourages him to walk across the stage. Emery is in severe agony, and falls. Back at the hospital, J.D. asks why Elliot helped him, and she said it's because they were friends. They then make a pact to always make time to hang out with each other even if they were dating other people. Carla and Turk talk about the two in Spanish, and agree that Turk's new skill is a good thing for their relationship.

Recurring Themes

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Paulo welcomes Turk and J.D. to Amigoville.

  • J.D. and Turk go to Amigoville for accepting the Mexican workers for who they really are. Amigoville is a picnic in a beautiful park with giant churros and a lake of guacamole. Turk gets a massage from twin Carlas, but J.D. is kicked out for not knowing Spanish.


  • Lloyd has a man with three of his fingers missing take the wheel of his Ambulance whilst he air drums to metal tunes, much like he did with J.D. back when he was a delivery man in "My Therapeutic Month".

Janitor story

The Janitor helps Lady overcome her fears, one of "the unknown" and the second of losing a family member. To help overcome the fear of losing a family member, Janitor kidnaps her parents, the response is unknown.

Episode Running Gags

  • As part of Dr. Cox's "I'll-take-that-food-right-out-of-your-hands" diet, he snatches food items from Dr. Kelso and replaces them with random objects.
    • Dr. Cox snatches a muffin from Kelso, and places it on a surgical resident's backpack, where it is "scored" by Lloyd. Perry takes another muffin from Kelso and offers it to Elliot to give to Izzy.
    • Dr. Cox dumps a pizza in the trash. Later, a guilt ridden Kelso ends up throwing a half eaten cake in the trash after Perry grows tired of the game and quits. At the end of the episode, Kelso retrieves the cake while J.D. and Elliot look at him in an awkward moment.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Catch My Disease" by Ben Lee
  • "Texas" by Lo-Pro (in Lloyd's flashback)


I totally forgot there was a parent's meeting for her playgroup this morning. Now she's going to get kicked out. She won't have any friends, she's going to drop out of high school, she's going to start dating some gangbanger, who you're going to harass over and over and over again to get his life together until he snaps and shoots you in the face. Oh my god!Carla

Oh, well you're bringing the crazy extra hard today, huh?Turk

What kind of a good way? In the boudoir, right! Up high.J.D.

We're getting a little too old to be making such a big deal out of having sex.Turk
Yeah you're right.

I just playin', man!
Thank goodness. When you said that I died a little inside.

Give it up for me gettin' some! Upstairs! [Chest bump]
Downstairs! [Crotch bump]

Um...I don't really like Downstairs.
Really? Well, I wanted to try it.

Alright Boon, you're the mothership! Josephine! Use your annoying voice to make the mothership sound!J.D.

I have to be out of here by this SaturdayEmery

Why do you have a...(Narrated) Careful, don't say hot date, (Out loud) hot rendezvous? (Narrated) Dammit!J.D.

Anybody want to guess what he's in the hospital for, let me give you a hint. It is very painful and it rhymes with shmiahorreoa.Dr. Cox

Apparently, I spoke a lot about my fondness for throbbing members...Elliot I had forgotten that Turk still owed me one, and that yesterday we made a water balloon so big we actually named it....J.D.'s narration.

...Fat Daddy. [Fat Daddy hits and soaks J.D.]J.D

You got Brinner?, DAAAAAMN Turkle Dawg.Dr. Kelso

I'm going to graduation! I'm going to graduuuuuation!Emery

It's called "Going to Graduation parentheses The Graduation Song".J.D.

Yeah, Milkdud. Is it because you comprehend all languages and you're a super genius?Dr. Cox to Turk

That ain't it.Carla

She said she could always photoshop out his anguish.Elliot


  • "My Bad Too" was the first episode to air after the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike.
  • J.D. is able to fantasize perfectly spoken Spanish in the Amigoville fantasy even though he cannot speak it himself.
  • When Dr. Cox speaks Spanish to Carla to incriminate Turk, his way of speaking is hard to understand even for people whose native language is Spanish. This is in contrast to the first time Dr Cox speaks Spanish in the first season.
  • In Spanish, Turk says "I bet that Elliot and J.D. will be back together in the next five weeks", which Carla responds with "Not everyone is going to like that..."
  • In this episode we also see the return of the Knife-wrench an invention made by the Janitor as first seen in "My Fallen Idol".