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I don't dislike you, I nothing you.Jordan

"My Bad" is the sixth episode of Scrubs' first season. J.D. sleeps with Jordan Sullivan and later realizes she is Dr. Cox's ex-wife. Dr. Cox is suspended and could possibly be fired. Carla's mother catches her and Turk in bed.


Jordan seduces J.D.

J.D. gets assigned an important board member, Jordan Sullivan, as a patient. Elliot is treating Dr. Greenberg, a shrink, who is confined to wearing mouth protection which keeps him from speaking. Elliot talks to him about her problems.

Meanwhile, Turk spends the night at Carla's apartment, but her mother, who is visiting, storms the room and yells at Turk because they are not married. Turk tells Carla that he will never spend the night at her house again.

Dr. Cox is still suspended, which Dr. Kelso finds very amusing. J.D. wants to ask Jordan if she could help out Dr. Cox, but he finds her packing and ready to leave. He gets mad, which Jordan finds very hot. She unbuttons her shirt and she tells him to take his pants off. They sleep together. When Elliot wants to talk to Dr. Greenberg again, she finds out that he has been released, which makes her sad. After spending the night at Turk's apartment, Carla gets a call from the hospital that her mother has broken her leg.

J.D. walks a tightrope.

After having sex with Jordan, J.D. wants to introduce her to Dr. Cox, but Cox informs him that Jordan is his ex-wife. J.D. feels immediately guilty for sleeping with Jordan, but decides not to tell Dr. Cox what happened. Later, J.D. tells Dr. Cox that Jordan could help him get back from suspension, but he doesn't want that because he hates her. Elliot calls her mom who doesn't really listen to her problems, and Carla is angry at Turk, blaming him for her mother's accident. It is up to Dr. Cox to convince her that it had not been Turk's fault.

J.D. asks Jordan if she would help Perry, while Turk tells Elliot that he had once seen a therapist and it had helped him a lot. Then Carla tells Turk that she wants to spend the night at Turk's place because her mother is at the hospital. The board meeting ends with a cheerful Dr. Cox. He was not fired, which Dr. Kelso is not pleased with. At the end, Elliot goes to see Dr. Greenberg as a patient and Dr. Cox thanks J.D. for helping him after all, while looking at old pictures of happy times with his ex-wife.

Recurring Themes

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Cox breathes fire


  • J.D. and a patient walk a tightrope.
  • J.D. fantasizes about Jordan.
  • Jordan growls and scratches at J.D.
  • J.D.'s friends and co-workers throw him a "surprise!" party after something obvious hits him.
  • Dr. Cox breaths fire on J.D.
  • Dr. Cox undergoes a plastic surgery to look like Jimmie Walker, and later Jimmie Walker himself talks to Dr. Kelso.


  • Dr. Cox thinks back his wedding and life with Jordan.

Janitor story

  • While spending "alone time" in a room, Janitor is seen by J.D. talking into a stethoscope. He later gets J.D.'s scrubs wet to repay him.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Agnes, as used in Dr. Cox's first "Thank You".
Well, geez, Agnes, does the field hockey team know that you're missing?Dr. Cox

  • He also calls him Linus, who is a boy, but a character from Peanuts who always has a blanket.
Okay, Linus, you're way too excited; I want you to get your blankie, go in a corner, and take a time-out.Dr. Cox

  • He also signs "J.D. is a loser" on Carla's mom's cast.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Me and Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul, performed by Donald Faison
  • "Good Life" by Francis Dunnery



Your ex-wife. She's the answer.J.D.

Uhhh... Things that ruined my life... Things that took half my money... Things with sharp edges!Dr. Cox

As legal counselor, it is my job to inform you that your suspension is effective immediately. Oh, gah! I'm just the messenger! Your long-term job status will be decided at the board meeting. Until then, and I can not bend on this, I don't want you setting foot on the premises.Ted

I'm going to be here all day.Dr. Cox
That works for me; that'll be good. I hope that works out...

Unless you two have an extremely disturbing relationship, I'm afraid you're full of crap.Dr. Cox

Even though you're terrified the Good Dr. Cox'll find out, if I wanted you to go to his apartment right now and have sex with me in front of him, you would.Jordan

Please don't do that.J.D.

I can't believe she's sleeping.Carla

I had the intern give her two Valiums.Dr. Cox
Why? Was she in a lot of pain?

No... she just wouldn't shut up.


Jordan at her and Dr. Cox's Wedding

  • In this episode Dr. Cox's first name is revealed to be Perry.
  • First appearance of Jordan Sullivan.
  • Christa Miller (Jordan) is wife of series creator Bill Lawrence.
  • The footage of Jordan used as Dr. Cox and Jordan's wedding is actually from Christa and Bill's wedding.
  • A later episode is entitled My Bad Too.
  • This is the first episode when Janitor is noticed by someone other than J.D.. Elliot says "Sorry" to him after she misses the trash can and spills her coffee.
  • The actress playing Carla's mom is different than the pictures of her shown throughout the show.
  • Dr. Cox calls J.D. Linus, which is an allusion to Linus Van Pelt, a character from the comic strip Peanuts. Also, in "My Charlie Brown Christmas", a Christmas episode the cast made for fun, Dr. Cox was cast as Linus.
  • When J.D. passes Turk, Carla and Elliot in the cafeteria, there are two plates of food on Turk's tray. However, as he and Elliot exit the line, he only has a piece of cake and milk.
  • When Jordan says "But, gosh, Huckleberry, I sure hope we can go down to the river sometime and race frogs!", she is referring to the character of Huckleberry Finn, who appeared in Mark Twain's books.
  • When Dr. Kelso says "Think about it, everyone will call you "Doc", you'll visit exotic parks, heck, maybe you'll even get to meet Charo!", he is referring to Charo, the singer, dancer and stage performer. Charo also guest starred on The Love Boat, a TV show about a cruise ship whose doctor is called "Doc", and who visited exotic ports..

Title explanation

"My bad" is a common Americanism one uses to own up to one's mistake. J.D.'s mistake is sleeping with his mentor's ex-wife.