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I grew up on the Street. No, not the 'hood, the Sesame Street.J.D.

"My ABC's" is the fifth episode of Scrubs' eighth season. J.D. fantasizes about Sesame Street all day while he works with Denise on her bedside manner. Dr. Cox investigates his hatred of Ed. Elliot gets Katie a position on Turk's academic team.


J.D. with new intern Denise

Dr. Cox & Ed

Dr. Kelso arrives at Sacred Heart, fully comfortable as his role as the "regular guy". Shortly after, Dr. Cox conducts rounds with the new interns. He lashes out at Katie, even though she got an answer correct, but can't come up with anything to insult Ed. After rounds, he, J.D., and Elliot pick which interns they want to take under their wing for the next year. Dr. Cox picks Ed. At coffee bucks, Dr. Cox can't figure out why he hates Ed, despite the fact that Ed is a pretty good intern. Carla doesn't care that he hates him, and Dr. Kelso isn't any help either. Dr. Cox later asks Janitor for help, but to no avail. When Ed turns down Turk's offer to help with his research, Cox realizes he hates Ed because he is lazy.

Elliot asks Turk to help Katie.

J.D. & Denise

J.D. picks Denise to be his lackey. They help treat a patient, Jack Fremont, who has lung cancer. J.D. tries to teach Denise bedside manners, but she still comes off as very rude to Mrs. Fremont. After learning their patient is going to die, Denise shows no emotions, but J.D. can't hide his and his eyes water in the hallway.

Elliot & Katie

Elliot picks Katie because she believes Katie is no longer a suck up (and they have the same hair). Katie whines about her fear of not getting picked for Turk's research paper. Elliot asks Turk to consider her, but he ultimately chooses Ed. Elliot confronts Turk, and asks Carla to withhold sex from him. Later, Elliot finds out that Katie scammed her, using her to make Turk give her the research position.

The interns at rounds.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. fantasizes about Muppets all day


  • Oscar the Grouch lives in the trash can on the Janitor's cleaning cart, and has become the new Chief of Medicine.
  • Grover is a doctor who loves high-4's.
  • Ex Ray is diagnosed as having a hand in his head.
  • Elmo role plays with J.D. and flirts with Denise.

Janitor story

Janitor and Dr. Cox talk about why they hate everybody. Janitor claims he only hates people who wrong him, such as robbing him, breaking doors with pennies, or looking at him wrong. He then stalks a doctor who looked at him "funny".

Guest Stars




Joshua Radin - Sunny Days (Sesame Street Theme Song)

"Sunny Days"

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street"- Sesame Street Theme by Joshua Radin


Janitor pushes his cart

Oscar the Grouch

Janitor and Cox talk

J.D., Elliot, and Turk

Denise learns from Elmo

Sy-sy-sy-syphilus...I used to be a DJ.Ed

Yay! You hurt my feelings.J.D.

Seriously, I am so happy to be done with all that, I could drop a deuce right here.Denise Mahoney

Dude, have you been having fantasies about Muppets all day?J.D.

No, I'm straight.Turk

What is Elmo? A seal?J.D.

No can do other Indian guy. I'm about to go get myself some pizza!Ed

Seems like it could be a host to a variety of infectious bacteria or even fungus.Elliot

Plus it's hard to look at. I recommend it's removed immediatelyTurk
[The next shot is of J.D., showing that they are talking about his new beard.]
Forget it you guys. I'm keeping the beard. Chicks dig the extra fuzz!J.D.


  • The title of the episode was a reference to not only the new home of the show ABC, but what Sesame Street often teaches: the alphabet.
  • The assumed homosexual interns named Neil and Garrett are a reference to the writing duo Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan.
  • Elliot tells Katie that she told J.D. the wrong answer in rounds in her first week, which happened in "My First Day".
  • This episode was originally planned to be the first episode of Season Eight, which explains some inconsistencies in the story such as J.D. being surprised at Denise's abrupt bedside manner or her being surprised at being called Jo despite that nickname already having been used and everyone in the Hospital commenting on J.D.'s new beard. In addition, J.D.'s comments about "Chicks digging" his beard make more sense as he is meant to be dating Elliot again at this point.