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Murray Marks donates his kidney to his father at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Murray is an air traffic controller at a very small airport within scooter-driving distance of Sacred Heart. J.D. tracks Murray down when his father is in the hospital needing a kidney transplant. After learning that Gregory Marks isn't his biological father, he decides not to give him the kidney. J.D. talks to him and Murray eventually decides to give him the kidney because Gregory was a "decent" father after all.


Murray was always a little jealous of his father, Gregory. Gregory admits to missing some of Murray's soccer games and that he took Murray's college sweetheart to the Bahamas. Murray is also upset that he was named "Murray", which he claims is a old man's name.

Personality Profile


  • Flying his radio-controlled plane
  • Wings
  • Friends
  • J.D.


  • His name

See Also

  • Old Murray, a patient at Sacred Heart with the same name.