Mrs. Zeebee was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Shortly after J.D. found out that he had impregnated Kim, he tried to find somebody to listen to him complain about his life. He tried to compare Mrs. Zeebee's cancer to his situation, but Turk stopped him before he could. When he found out that Mrs. Zeebee's cancer was spreading, he was surprised at her strength about the situation, and wished he could emulate her willpower. ("My Mirror Image")

6x1 Mrs Zeebee

Zach Braff portrays Mrs. Zeebee


  • Zach Braff portrayed Mrs. Zeebee for the majority of the episode. He wanted to "see himself" in his patient, but only saw what he wished he could be.
  • Mrs. Zeebee is a nod to Zach Braff's initials "ZB".


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