Mrs. Gallin was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital. Her key characteristic was her extremely soft, almost childlike voice.


After Denise treated Mrs. Gallin, and Dr. Cox noticed a mistake on her chart. They found out that she was bleeding internally because Denise prescribed too much heparin.

Because they were arguing over J.D.'s decision to leave Sacred Heart, J.D. and Turk fought over Mrs. Gallin's treatment. Turk tried to use his "I'm the Chief of Surgery" card on J.D., but J.D. wouldn't let him. The next day, Turk had Derek admit Mrs. Gallin to surgery which made J.D. even more upset.

Perry asked Elliot to scold Denise for her mistake, but she took the blame for Mrs. Gallin instead, because Elliot didn't want to hurt Denise's already fragile feelings. ("My Chief Concern")


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