Mr. Sutton is a garbage man with a pet ostrich whom J.D. treats at Sacred Heart Hospital.


After being treated and discharged from Sacred Heart, Mr. Sutton left without thanking J.D.. This upset J.D. so he followed him to his house where he and Turk were attacked by Mr. Sutton's pet ostrich. After letting the doctors inside his house, he still refused to thank J.D. because he considered J.D. to just be doing his job as a doctor. Being a garbage man, he never expects or receives gratitude for performing his job. J.D. and Turk left without being thanked. ("My Big Bird")


  • Mr. Sutton is portrayed by Jason Bateman, who at the time was starring in the sitcom Arrested Development. Zach Braff appeared in an episode of Arrested and Jason appeared in an episode of Scrubs as an attempt to boost the audiences of both shows.

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