Mr. Milligan was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Mr. Milligan arrived at Sacred Heart Hospital with his son, Tyler, during J.D.'s fourth year, around Christmas time - but J.D. promised him that he would "beat Santa home". At first he is diagnosed with Mono, but this proves incorrect, and all the doctors are confused over why he is always feeling sleepy. He mentions that his son dropped him with a power kick previously, and Carla mentions this, but Dr. Cox and J.D. ignore this as a problem and say jokingly he might have "goof-around-itus" or the "silly willys". Meanwhile, many doctors have taken an interest in him; J.D. is his doctor and Dr. Cox is looking over his shoulder so he doesn't make mistakes with Mr. Milligan, Carla is his nurse, Elliot is looking after his son, Turk is his surgeon and Dr. Kelso pulls some strings to ignore the face he doesn't have insurance. Carla re-mentions the wrestling that he had with his son, and J.D. realizes that he may have a ruptured spleen, and they test him for it - before performing surgery when they find the test comes out positive. Surgery goes well and Mr. Milligan returns home in time for Christmas, and it is everyone's best moment in medicine. ("My Best Moment")



Mr. Milligan has a close relationship with his son Tyler. They goof around together, as his condition was caused by play-wrestling after Tyler dropped him with a power-kick.

Personality Profile


  • Tyler
  • Play-wrestling


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