Mr. Bolger was the father of Ray Bolger, a patient at Sacred Heart.


Ray Bolger became brain dead at some point and time, but his family decided to keep him on life support at Sacred Heart. Because his driver's license couldn't be found, the hospital didn't know if Ray wished to be an organ donor. Mr. Bolger stayed at the hospital, hoping for the best. However, Dr. Kelso had told the surgeons that whomever convinced the Bolger family to donate their son's organs would get to participate in Sacred Heart's first heart transplant. Turk lied to Mr. Bolger to convince him, but just lost his trust. He later went in and was completely honest. Mr. Bolger finally agreed with the idea and had his son's organs donated. ("My Way Home")


  • "My Way Home" is the Wizard of Oz themed episode. Ray Bolger was the name of the actor who portrayed The Scarecrow in the famous 1939 version.
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