A very intimidating M&M.

Morbidity and Mortality conferences are just fun little meetings they have when they think you may be in any way responsible for a patient's death.J.D.  ("My Tuscaloosa Heart")

A Morbidity and Mortality conference is a conference held involving senior members of the hospital staff interviewing a doctor who may be responsible for a patient's death, to determine if it is the doctor's fault or not. They are known to be particularly difficult and nerve-racking, because the outcome can result in severe consequences and guilt.

In Scrubs

A lecture-format M&M. ("My First Step")

  • Morbidity and Mortality conferences were first mentioned when J.D.'s patient Aaron Simon dies. J.D. is initially nervous about it, and what the outcome may be, but he slides right through it without any questions being asked. ("My Tuscaloosa Heart")
  • After a patient of Elliot's dies, her case is brought up in a lecture-format M&M. ("My First Step")
  • The main characters all have to attend a Morbidity and Morality conference after a patient dies and their ignorance and distractions are blamed. ("My Big Bird")
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