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Molly, Molly, Molly. You lost me at hello.Dr. Cox  ("My Old Friend's New Friend")

Dr. Molly Clock was a psychiatrist who temporarily worked at Sacred Heart Hospital. She is always nice and she is very spacey.



Molly falls into a trap. ("My Office")

Molly is very aloof and spacey, but is a talented psychiatrist. She believes in the best in everybody, and that nobody is truly bad. She is always upbeat and sees the best in everything. She sings to her food. Even though she may seem naive, she doesn't let anybody take advantage of her.

She doesn't have the best track record with relationships due to being solely attracted to dysfunctional and damaged men. Molly's boyfriend Mike once stole their neighbor's car and crashed it. She broke up with him and nearly hooked up with J.D., but the two did nothing more than kiss.

History at Sacred Heart

Molly at the nurses' station. ("My Last Chance")

When Molly first came to this hospital, nobody gave her the time of day to meet her. When she did introduce herself, she would hold their face in her hands until she committed their names to memory, and mistakenly committed J.D.'s name as "Johnny". ("My Old Friend's New Friend") Being a psychiatrist, Molly started making friends by listening to their problems, but this led her to upset some people, namely Carla. She agreed with Turk to let Carla take the lead on helping her friends with their problems. ("My Office")

Molly continued to fit in awkwardly when she went behind Dr. Cox's back and gave a patient conflicting advice about plastic surgery. ("My New Game") Molly then upset Elliot by voicing her opinion against a recovering drug addict, even though Elliot believed he was reformed. The patient did bail after getting a transplant leaving Elliot distraught, but Molly had her back, even though Elliot had bragged to her about getting the go-ahead for the procedure. ("My First Kill") Shortly after, her and Elliot became good friends, as Elliot needed a good mentor and role model. ("Her Story")

Molly helping Elliot. ("Her Story")

Turk refers to her as "the devil woman" due to the fact that she can get into people's minds, being a psychiatrist. When she convinces him to see a doctor because he may have diabetes, he blames her when his diagnosis is positive, but ultimately comes to thank her for convincing him to get help. ("My Cake") When Dr. Kelso needed a drug refill for antidepressants he was sneaking to Enid, he was rejected by Molly. Dr. Cox made a sarcastic joke about her, but she overheard and told them that even though they have rough outer shells, they are decent deep down. The two plot to break her from being so happy and when they finally do make her cry, she rubs it in their faces, because she knew all along they would come around. ("My Common Enemy")

J.D. fantasizes about Molly. ("My Last Chance")

On her last day at Sacred Heart, she ended up kissing J.D. and revealed that she was attracted to people who were dysfunctional which he quickly proved. However, due to one problem after another, he was unable to be with her before she left. ("My Last Chance")

J.D. could've had sex with Molly when she briefly returned to Sacred Heart, but decided not to because he didn't want to cheat on Kylie. ("My Best Laid Plans")

Personality Profile


  • Kielbasa
  • Singing to her food
  • Giving people advice


Kelso and Cox both dislike Molly. ("My Common Enemy")


  • She used to smoke.
  • Her ex-boyfriend Mike has a curved peep.
  • She is rated the second hottest hospital employee.
  • Her mother lives in Greenland.
  • Molly is able to zero in on anyone's insecurities, such as Elliot's eyebrows.
  • She was named after one of the medical advisers on the show, Dr. Dolly Klock.
  • The character's full name was originally to be Molly Clark.

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