I reattach child's arm once, in rusty shell of car.Miloš

Dr. Miloš Radovicnouizicioiuizcinicizich'i is a surgical resident at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Miloš is a Croatian surgical intern at Sacred Heart. It is said that he was a fully accomplished surgeon in his home country of Croatia but still had to repeat his residency in Sacred Heart. He once re-attached a young child's arm in a "rusty shell of [sic] car". Turk is evidently jealous of him because of this and claims that "Miloš is so lucky". He is subordinate to Turk but hates the fact that he has to answer to Todd. Because Turk told Pvt. Dancer he was an average student before medical school, Miloš temporarily replaced Turk as Dancer's surgeon. After Turk came clean with Pvt. Dancer, he was given the surgery again, leaving Miloš in despair. ("My Perspective")

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