Michael Learned plays Patricia Wilk on Scrubs.


Born in Washington D.C. to a U.S. State Department employee and had 6 siblings, Michael was raised on her family's farm in Connecticut. When she was 11 her family moved to Austria and she attended boarding school in England where she fell in love with the theatre. Michael married Canadian Peter Donat when she was 17 years old, and had 3 kids, but later divorced Peter. She acted for Shakespeare Festivals in Canada and the U.S.and with the San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre.

Michael appeared in episodes of Gunsmoke, Insight, and Police Story before being cast in a leading role in The Waltons, where she won 3 Emmy Awards. When the series ended in 1979, she starred in the made-for-TV movie Nurse which became another series that lasted for 25 episodes and won Michael another Emmy Award. She has since held recurring roles in the series Hot House, Living Dolls, Wiseguy, Profiler, and the soap opera One Life to Live. Michael can also be seen in many films spun off from The Waltons and Loggerheads, Leathal Eviction, and The Killer, among many more.

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