My Heavy Meddle

Dr. Cox gives J.D. "tough love". ("My Heavy Meddle")

Seeking or having a mentor is a recurring theme in J.D.'s career at Sacred Heart, and in the careers of many other interns, residents, and even attendings.

Having a mentor is a good way to find validation and approval as a student undergoing education at Sacred Heart, though it doesn't always turn out that way.



J.D. constantly yearns for approval from people around him. Strangely enough, he is compelled to have Dr. Cox as his mentor, even though he never fulfills his need for approval. J.D. meets Dr. Cox during his first day at the teaching hospital and decides right away that he wants him to be his mentor. ("My First Day") ("My Mentor") Over the years, as J.D. progresses he would receive the rare bit of compassion from Dr. Cox, but it wouldn't last and Perry would be back to teach him using "tough love". Even as J.D. matured as a doctor, he still viewed Dr. Cox as a mentor.

My Porcelain God

J.D. takes a liking to Dr. Casey. ("My Porcelain God")

On some occasions J.D. would tire of Dr. Cox's harsh ways and want to have another mentor. When J.D. met the private practice doctor Peter Fisher, he quickly swooned over the validation he received. ("My Own Private Practice Guy") When another of Dr. Cox's rivals comes to Sacred Heart, Dr. Kevin Casey, J.D. takes interest in him but sticks with Dr. Cox's harassment. ("My Porcelain God")

J.D. needed a mentor to teach him the ropes of working at a hospital, but his needy and clingy personality caused him to cling on to Dr. Cox. Although it could be described as an abusive relationship, Dr. Cox's sarcastic comments and no-nonsense lessons worked on J.D., and Dr. Cox eventually admitted that he was one of the best doctors he'd ever taught. ("My Finale")



Elliot and Molly dis Turk. ("Her Story")

Elliot had always stuck up for herself against Dr. Kelso, her father and other people about being a female doctor in the "boys club" of medicine. She was drawn to other strong professional females at the hospital, be they doctors or patients. Although they butted heads at the beginning, Elliot and Carla became good friends, and Carla often gave Elliot advice on how to survive Sacred Heart.

During her fourth year, Elliot took a liking to Dr. Molly Clock, and their student-teacher dynamic changed into a friendship, especially because she was going through a rough friendship period with J.D. (and subsequently Turk). ("My Office") Molly gave Elliot a lot of courage to stand up for herself.


Our Role Models

Lucy and Denise talk to a patient. ("Our Role Models")

Lucy initially grew fond of Professor Dorian because they were so similar. She needed approval and he needed to be needed. Because he had been in her shoes before, he was good at giving advice. When J.D.'s semester as a teacher was through, Lucy turned to Denise for a mentor. Denise turned out to be harsh and rude, but Lucy realized that she could use lessons from someone who saw the world of medicine from a different viewpoint. ("Our Role Models")

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