Come on, little white baby. Jump in my arms!Captain Duncook

Captain Melvis Duncook is a security guard who works at Winston University.


Melvis is always suspicious of threats and people. His former job was guarding Bell Biv DeVoe. He always works with Lieutenant Frank Underhill, and the two ride a golf cart around campus.

Melvis was once called to help get J.D. down from a tree. As Frank and Turk shook the tree, Melvis caught J.D.. Melvis also gave Lucy the idea that the car wash should be done in bikinis. ("Our Drunk Friend") Melvis also works freelance security with Frank, and they two were bouncers at Cole's party. ("Our Histories")

Melvis and Frank also work Bar security, bouncy house rentals and have a line of home made salsa that Dr. Kelso thinks is "in-fricking-sane".


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