Melody O'Harra is Elliot Reid's sorority sister.


Melody and Elliot glare at J.D... ("My Turf War")

Melody, a self proclaimed tramp, stops by to surprise Elliot while she is working. She gets in between J.D. and Elliot, and J.D. lies to her so he can have more time with Elliot. She has also witnessed Keith's proposal to Elliot. ("My Turf War")


Elliot and Melody were good friends during college, because they are sorority sisters. She and J.D. have made out but just for fun.

Melody has a rule that she'll make out with anybody as long as it never goes further than kissing.

Melody tells J.D. & Turk that she had a threesome with two other girls when she was in College.

Personality Profile

Elliot and Melody scream loudly. ("My Turf War")


  • Making Out
  • Beer
  • Piggyback riding
  • Nancy


Appeared In

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