Melissa was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Melissa believed in the power of hypnosis, so she asked Turk if she could be hypnotized during her appendectomy rather than sedated with traditional medicine. Turk initially said "no", which was met with apprehension by Carla. When Dr. Kelso states that the surgical residents who wanted to become attendings needed to make themselves known, Turk announced he was going to do the procedure without anesthetic.

Later that day, many media crews came to film the event. Dr. Cox showed disbelief in hypnosis, and Turk's practical side made him freak out when he thought about how this stint could ruin his career. When it came time to do the procedure, her hypnotist kept her under for the first half of the procedure until she woke up, felt the pain, and screamed very loudly. The attempt still earned Turk some attention. ("My Day at the Races")


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