Has anyone seen the crash cart?Dr. Cox

It's over by bed four.Maya
Can you make that out?

I think I heard the words "bear fight" but that makes no sense.J.D.  (Our First Day of School)

Maya is a medical student at Winston University.


Maya is a med student originally from Australia. Perry Cox picks on her because of her beauty and thick accent. He pretends that he cannot understand what she is saying. J.D. also likes to tease her because it makes him feel close to Cox. ("Our First Day of School") Maya helped Lucy with a car-wash to raise money to send Alan Evans to rehab. ("Our Drunk Friend") Maya also conducted final interviews with patients before Cole's party. She completed hers without any problems and later helped her fellow students interview Paul. ("Our Histories") She has slept with Trang, who never called her back. She and Trang are now a couple and are members of the study group with Lucy, Cole, and Drew. ("Our True Lies") She was part of their group when they went through the "hell week" papers, exams, and presentations. ("Our Dear Leaders")


9x2 Lucy sprays Maya

Lucy hoses down Maya ("Our Drunk Friend")


  • Maya has won the McCallister prize in biology. ("Our Drunk Friend")
  • It is unknown why Maya is studying in an American medical school, but it is not unprecedented at Sacred Heart to have foreigners performing their internships and residency there, Miloš, a Croatian surgeon, is another example, as well as an unnamed Kenyan intern.
  • Maya is colorblind. ("Our True Lies")

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