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Margaret Turk is the mother of Christopher Turk.


Margaret visits Sacred Heart when she learns Turk is giving a presentation with Elliot. When she arrives she insists that he looks better in blue scrubs, and he wears blue scrubs the next day. He is afraid to introduce her to Carla because he had not previously mentioned her to his mother. When the two hit it off, Turk is concerned that they will gang up on him, but it turns out that Carla is most concerned that she is too similar to Margaret. ("My Old Man")

Margaret attends her son's wedding to Carla. When Marco Espinosa says something rude about Turk, she introduces herself as "Mama Turk". ("My Best Friend's Wedding")


  • In "My Mentor" Elliot says that Turk's mother looks like Morgan Freeman because she has freckles. But it's clear that she looks nothing like Morgan Freeman.
  • Hattie Winston's character in Becker is also named Margaret. Becker is a sitcom about a private practice general doctor. Margaret is a nurse in Dr. Becker's office.
  • Margaret Turk is a Jehovah's Witness ("My Mentor")
  • One time on Thanksgiving when J.D. said that her turkey was dry, she picked him up and shook him. Jehovah's Witnesses do not observe Thanksgiving, so she would not have been serving a turkey on this day.

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