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Marco Espinosa is Gabriella, Maria and Carla Espinosa's brother.


When Marco and Carla's mother passed away, Turk mistook Marco for a valet at the funeral, setting them off on the wrong foot. Two years later, Marco visited Carla at Sacred Heart, and still resented Turk. Marco did not speak English, which upset Turk, so he used it to make Turk upset at every opportunity he had. When Carla was not around, however, Marco revealed to Turk and Janitor that he can speak English. Marco continued to lie to Carla but eventually revealed his secret when Turk was saying sexually suggestive things about Carla. Marco lied to Carla because he wanted to keep the fact that they speak Spanish their own special bond. ("My Advice to You")

Marco came to town for Carla's wedding to Turk. Still bitter, he wrote Turk's vows for him, stealing lines for When Harry Met Sally. ("My Self-Examination") He served as one of Turk's groomsmen during the wedding ceremony but continued to make fun of Turk. Todd tried to fight him, but Marco easily knocked him out. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")



Carla and Marco are incredibly close, which is why he is so annoyed when Turk insults him. Marco admits that after their mother died and he learned English, he did not want to tell her because he wanted to keep their "special connection". They still occasionally speak in Spanish.


Marco hates Christopher Turk. He constantly insults him after Turk mistook him for a valet at Marco and Carla's mother's funeral. Marco even tried to sabotage his and Carla's wedding by replacing Turk's vows with a speech from When Harry Met Sally.


Unlike Janitor's pranks which are more clever and humorous, Marco's actions towards Turk are spiteful and Mean-Spirited.

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  • Turk
  • People being intimate with Carla around him

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