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Look, I know that you've got daddy/food/body/confidence/horse issues. But Cole, really?Denise  ("Our Couples")

Lucy Bennett is a medical student at Winston University. She had a rough time at the beginning, but under the mentorship of J.D. she found out that she belonged. Her current mentor is Denise Mahoney, and she is enrolled in courses being taught by the brutally honest Professor Doctor Cox and the goofy Turk. She is dating Cole Aaronson and is friends with Drew Suffin.

Like J.D., she also narrates her life in her head and has bizarre fantasies. Her character was meant to take over from J.D. as he was phased out of the series during the Season Nine reboot. Lucy is portrayed by Kerry Bishé, and has appeared in all thirteen episodes of Season Nine.


Lucy's family have always been fishermen from Stone Creek, Maryland. She's the first member of her family to go to college, and even more impressive medical school. She flourished in college, but has trouble finding her footing at Winston University particularly because Dr. Cox thinks she is weak. She takes personal interest in her patients and willing to go above the call-of-duty to take care of them. She often forgets to take care of herself and stress over the little things, which can cause her to have problems in her academic career. She ultimately shows promise, but still has a lot to learn from the staff at Winston U and Sacred Heart.

Lucy fantasizes about her friends as being "war buddies". ("Our Histories")


Like her previous mentor, Professor Dorian, she daydreams and narrates her life in her head but unlike Professor Dorian her daydreams are normally brought on by her own narration. She also bears a few similarities to another doctor at New Sacred Heart Hospital that she greatly admires, Dr. Elliot Reid. She has no filter on her mouth and whatever is on her mind pours out. She tends to chew on her hair when she lies and she also tends to hold her breasts when she is about to yell at Cole Aaronson.

Character History

Season Nine

Lucy's first day of med school ("Our First Day of School")

Lucy's first day at medical school started out very hopeful. However, after getting off on an odd foot with Denise Mahoney and getting berated by Dr. Cox, Lucy lost a lot of motivation. Lucy slept with Cole Aaronson, whom she met in class, to boost her self-esteem, and she firmly believed that he was going to be a good boyfriend. A friendly patient, Ben, gave her a little more confidence, but it was again shattered by Dr. Cox. As Cole walked through the quad, he dropped a naked picture of Lucy he took. J.D. chased it to Lucy, and the two began talking. She asked him for help with Dr. Cox, and he provided her advice and courage to stand up to Dr. Cox. In the main entry of the New Sacred Heart Hospital, Lucy stood her ground and made Dr. Cox storm out of the room. ("Our First Day of School")

Lucy and Alan ("Our Drunk Friend")

Lucy takes a liking to Alan Evans, an alcoholic patient. She wants to help him recover, but Dr. Cox tells her that it is a lost cause. After asking several doctors around the hospital, she cannot find a doctor who is willing to sign Alan's transfer paperwork to the rehab facility. She finally asks her new mentor J.D. to assist, and he convinces Perry to sign off on Alan's form with the condition that Lucy raise the money to transport him there. Lucy holds a bikini carwash, an idea that Captain Duncook suggested. Lucy sends Alan off to rehab, and he hands her a picture he drew. Lucy is glad that she helped change his life. Days later, Alan has returned for the very same reason. Lucy finds out that Perry only signed the paperwork because he wanted to see the look of failure on Lucy's face. Lucy felt betrayed by J.D., and he told her that she needed to learn a harsh lesson that there are some things that cannot be changed. ("Our Drunk Friend")

Lucy and Mrs. Maroney ("Our Role Models")

After waking up next to Cole, Lucy attends Cox's lecture where she freezes when he asks her a question. She then meets with J.D. in his favorite tree and he informs her that she should start looking for a new mentor since he is leaving soon. Wanting to find a woman mentor, Lucy asks Denise. Denise initially refuses to let her shadow her, but when she gets a patient, Mrs. Maroney, with a similar personality to Lucy's, Denise asks Lucy to take care of her while Denise takes care of her son. Denise grows fond of the boy, but when she finds out that Mrs. Maroney is terminal, she flakes on the kid. Denise asks Lucy to talk to the kid and make sure he is alright, but before she can, Denise stepped in herself and comforted the boy, giving him her cell phone number. Denise then gave Lucy permission to shadow her. ("Our Role Models")

Lucy and her fellow students ("Our Histories")

Denise tells the four med students that they are not allowed to go to Cole's party until all four final interviews have been completed. The students decide to break up the work and everyone successfully conducts their interviews except for Lucy. Cole flakes off to go to his party, and Lucy continues to struggle with talking to Paul. After deciding to give up and go to the party anyway, J.D. and Turk share their experience with George Valentine and the three students realize that they did not become doctors for their own reasons, but to help people. They go to Paul's room and see Cole talking with him. Lucy, Cole, Drew, and Maya sit and talk to Paul about his time in Korea and how he misses his old war buddies. Lucy realizes that they are like war buddies, having to work as a tight unit to survive. The students arrange for Paul's old friends to meet him at the hospital, and he enjoys one last day with his pals. ("Our Histories")

Lucy takes blood from J.D. ("Our Mysteries")

When Dr. Cox assigns the end-of-the-quarter exam, Lucy learns she must draw blood from a living person. She can't find anyone to be her partner for the exam, and she is nervous about doing the procedure. J.D. reluctantly agrees to be her partner for the exam after she begs him. When it is time for the exam, J.D. does not show up, deciding the best way to be there for Lucy is to not be there at all. Perry allows Lucy to draw blood from him, and Lucy gains the confidence to complete the procedure without J.D.'s help. ("Our Mysteries")

Lucy and Dr. Reid ("Our New Girl-Bro")

After realizing that she has too much to do, Lucy decided to give up sleep and multitask. At the hospital, she meets Elliot Reid and is instantly impressed with her. Lucy admires her for being smart and good with patients while she is pregnant. Lucy decides to not shadow Dr. Cox around any more but to learn from Elliot. When Lucy catches Elliot lying to a patient that she will be with them after a surgery, Lucy loses all respect for her. Elliot then teaches Lucy that in order to take care of patients, a good doctor must take care of herself. ("Our New Girl-Bro")

One day, Dr. Cox tells the first year students that the White Coat Ceremony will be taking place in the next couple of days. Before the ceremony, the professors will choose a keynote speaker, and all students must interview with Dr. Cox as he is the Chief of Medicine. Lucy meets with Dr. Cox thinking that the interview will be simple and full of fluff questions, but she cannot come up with an answer when Dr. Cox only asks her one question: "Why do you want to be a doctor?" Lucy later tries to give Dr. Cox some generic answers about helping people which he disregards. He tells her that if she doesn't come up with the real answer by the ceremony he will make it his personal mission to have her drop out of med school. Elliot tells Lucy to simply tell Dr. Cox the truth. Right before the ceremony, Lucy tells him that there are too many reasons to count why she wants to be a doctor. He accepts this and the two head to the ceremony. ("Our White Coats")

Lucy and Cole kiss ("Our Couples")

In a study session, Cole is late and forgets to bring the slides and is thrown out. Later he asks Lucy to ask Drew Suffin to let him back into the group. Later Cole asks Lucy if she has spoken to Drew and she lies and says that he said no. Both Drew and Cole then find out she lied, and Cole is allowed back into the study group. The group mentions about Lucy and Cole sleeping together, and Cole leaves. This leads Lucy to believe Drew told everyone. But it turns out Cole had, months ago. Lucy stops him and confronts him. But Cole explains that he thought she saw through his behavior, and he told everyone because he was proud that a girl like Lucy would sleep with him. Lucy apologizes to Drew about lying about their study group and she is confused by her feelings for Cole, Turk asks her a series of questions about Cole and she smiles. Drew explains that everyone needs someone to watch their back and she should be lucky. Lucy finally admits that Cole is her boyfriend in front of her entire class, but she decides to make him change some of his obnoxious behaviors. ("Our Couples")

Lucy in surgery ("Our Stuff Gets Real")

In anatomy class, Dr. Turk informs the groups that there will be a quiz the next classtime that will be worth 25% of their entire grade - dissecting a cadaver's heart. Lucy's groups' cadaver is Ben - Lucy's patient on her first day. She tells her group that she will be able to cut into him, even though she hasn't practiced. Even though she snuck into the lab to practice, Lucy couldn't bring herself to cut into Ben. Later, in surgery, Turk shows Lucy that what seems like hurting someone, such as cutting them open to perform surgery, is actually good for them. Later Turk gives Lucy another chance and she properly dissects Ben's heart. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")

Lucy and her friends study hard for a difficult exam Dr. Cox has assigned. During the test, Dr. Cox storms in after finding a cheat sheet in the bathroom. He makes the students who used the bathroom stay until the culprit admits the truth. Drew calls out Cole who continues to deny the accusation. They all continue to deny that they cheated, but Cole figures out that Lucy cheated. When she was going to admit to the group, Cole stepped up for her and took the blame, to no one's surprise. Lucy couldn't stand it and revealed to her classmates. She left to go find Dr. Cox to confess, but they miss each other and he arrives at the lecture hall. The class stood up for Lucy and all decided to take the much more difficult make-up exam together so she wouldn't fail. ("Our True Lies")

Lucy yells at Trang ("Our Dear Leaders")

Dr. Cox gleefully tells the med students that they are about to enter "hell week", which is comprised of seven days and six nights of exams, papers, and presentations. Lucy can't handle it because she already thinks every week is hellish. Dr. Cox takes Drew off the study group and assigns Lucy the role of leader. As the group begins to study, Trang attempts to take control of the group, and after privately asking Drew for help, Lucy yells at Trang, but it doesn't help. Eventually Drew come back to lead, to Lucy's relief. ("Our Dear Leaders")

Lucy promises Cole to rally the study group to visit him before he has surgery to remove his cancerous mole. She bribes them with cupcakes, but no one shows up. He yells at Lucy that she shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. After being taught a lesson in friendship from Dr. Kelso, Cole apologizes to Lucy before he heads into surgery. ("Our Driving Issues")

Lucy gives a 'Thanks' speech ("Our Thanks")

At the end of her first semester, Lucy is frantically trying to write a speech about Ben Coleman, the cadaver her anatomy group had been using to research. Her other group members weren't interested in helping, so she decided to do it herself. She researched Ben's life and found many random factoids about him, including that he was an excellent bowler and a leader in dry-cleaning. She felt proud of herself until she met Ben's son Eric Coleman, who told her that he hated his dad and was only there to see him put in the ground. After going and yelling at Ben's corpse, Denise told her that Ben may have been a sucky dad, but he was a good cadaver. At the Ceremony of Thanks, Lucy gave her speech highlighting not Ben's life, but the fact that he helped her education and friendships at Winston University. ("Our Thanks")


J.D. and Lucy on the quad. ("Our Mysteries")


Professor John Dorian was Lucy's teacher and mentor as she became acclimated to med school. After a particularly rough encounter with Dr. Cox, J.D. was there to help Lucy traverse the difficult situations in medical school. He taught her that she needs to stand up to Dr. Cox if she ever wants his respect. ("Our First Day of School") He also helped her learn a rough lesson about lost-causes and was there to explain why. ("Our Drunk Friend") J.D. also gave her advice on finding a mentor to replace him when he left Winston U. ("Our Role Models") J.D. also taught Lucy that she doesn't need to be coddled to learn. ("Our Mysteries")


Lucy is currently dating Cole Aaronson. Initially it was just to boost her self-esteem. Later she found out he took a naked photo of her and she got extremely upset. ("Our First Day of School") She has slept with him since then, calling them the "biggest mistake ever" but she is impressed by his body so she doesn't leave him for good. ("Our Role Models"). She finally admits to herself she likes Cole and he becomes her boyfriend and now has set out to change him. ("Our Couples")

Lucy learning from Denise. ("Our Role Models")


Lucy is currently shadowing Denise Mahoney. She began to do so shortly before J.D. left Winston U. At first, Denise did not want her to shadow her, but once she learned that she could learn how to connect to patients from Lucy, she allowed her to shadow her. ("Our Role Models")


Lucy aspires to be like Elliot Reid. Elliot finally has her career and personal life sorted while still remaining somewhat sane. She can also now stand up to Dr. Cox. Elliot taught Lucy the important lesson to take care of herself first before she can properly take care of patients--or even her friends and family. ("Our New Girl-Bro")

Personality Profile

Lucy loves horses. ("Our New Girl-Bro")



  • Her mother's fish biscuits ("Our Drunk Friend")
  • The possibility that if horses could talk, they'd say they hate humans as they've been used by them for so long
  • The way Cox intimidates her
  • Kiwis
  • Herself for hooking up with Cole.
  • Horses in space ("Our Driving Issues")
  • When Cole shortens words that don't need to be shortened.


Dr. Cox often picks on Lucy. ("Our Drunk Friend")


  • In casting, her name was Lucy Tompkins.
  • Lucy used to wear a back brace. ("Our First Day of School")
  • Lucy has never worn perfume. ("Our Drunk Friend")
  • Lucy has never looked down at her nude body ("Our Role Models"), however she manages to recognize a nude picture of herself. ("Our First Day of School")
  • Much like J.D., Lucy narrates her thoughts and has daydreams, but unlike J.D., she has not developed a reputation among everyone in the hospital for it. Also her fantasies are often preceded by a monologue of her thoughts, whereas J.D.'s fantasies are often in response to someone else's comments.


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