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I see it's time for my annual cologne intervention. Lonnie, you're killing us. And, honestly, what's the point? D'you understand that no matter how badly you wanna get freaky with Karen, here, that's just not going to happen, and here's why: She thinks you have the body of a fetus.Dr. Cox

Lonnie is a resident (possibly attending) doctor of internal medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Lonnie is J.D.'s intern and, while he often means well, ends up suffering for J.D.'s actions. J.D., and to a larger extent Dr. Cox, treat Lonnie poorly, often using him to help himself, resulting in Lonnie paying the price. Kylie commented that Lonnie is J.D.'s "bitch". Lonnie is very fair skinned, getting a severe sunburn after 8 minutes and can grow a moustache in a single day, something J.D. is very jealous of. Sometimes like Elliot Reid, J.D. uses Lonnie as a (much less stable) base for the World's Most Giant Doctor. Lonnie played basketball for Villanova, where he was All-Conference ("His Story III"). Lonnie once called J.D. a girl's name when he told J.D. "Dr. Cox told me that if you said that to tell you 'thaaaat's right, Melinda.'" ("His Story II")Lonnie last appears in J.D.'s final fantasy, saying only "I hate you so much J.D.".


Lonnie has at least 3 daughters, and maybe more he doesn't know about. ("My Roommates") His father died from acute thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. ("His Story II")



  • Michael Hobert actually had a guest role in the very first episode of Scrubs, as a patient who was credited as a pizza delivery guy. ("My First Day")
  • Lonnie is extremely fair skinned and will burn if out in the sun for more than 8 minutes. ("My Roommates")
  • Lonnie appears in the episode "My Finale", merely stating to J.D. "I hate you so much" as J.D. passes him, referencing their relationship in the show. ("My Finale")

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