Dr. Cox intimidates Turk. ("My Drug Buddy")

When I crush a person's spirit, I like to use a combination of intimidation and degradation.Perry Cox  ("My Common Enemy")

Dr. Perry Cox is known for subjecting subordinates to various forms of humiliation and abuse either as punishment, or to stroke his ego. The following list is not complete, but provides a good overview of some of his common tactics.


  • Constantly calls J.D. by girls names.
  • Embarrassed J.D. (by calling Carla his mommy and J.D. "her daughter") in front of everyone after being confronted by Carla for his treatment of J.D.   ("My Nickname")
  • Made Lonnie call J.D. "Melinda".   ("His Story II")
  • Made the entire hospital chant his name to celebrate correcting a misdiagnosis made by J.D. and Lonnie   ("My Drive-By")
  • Tricked J.D. into trying to come up with a speech to honor Dr. Kelso, knowing that Dr. Kelso had no redeeming qualities.   ("My Jiggly Ball")
  • Had Keith call J.D. to the hospital on his day off, and then rubbed it in by hiring Laverne and her church choir to sing "Payback is a Bitch."   ("My Way Home")
  • Taught his son Jack to call Sammy "Janice" and call him an "ugly baby."   ("My Lawyer's in Love")
  • Tells J.D. that his last day at Sacred Heart Hospital isn't special, it's just another day.   ("My Finale")


  • Mocked Keith and Elliot's relationship during rounds by asking the interns what they thought about them.   ("My Bright Idea")
  • Made fun of her shoes.
  • Asked if she finally shaved off her moustache.
  • Called her a "childless blonde with coffee-stained teeth."
  • Forced her to speak at rounds as J.D. is his protégé.
  • Called her a "sell-out."
  • Forced her and Keith to stay at the hospital during their day off after Kelso forced him to do the same.
  • During the first year of her internship continuously blew her off, asking her to do things like get his coffee.


  • Embarrassed Turk by convincing him to masturbate (something that Turk doesn't do) to relieve anxiety and gathered a group of people to wait for him and applaud.   ("My Super Ego")
  • Took all the credit after Turk saved a patient's life outside the hospital in order to teach him that having an ego makes people good doctors.   ("My Drive-By")
  • Made the entire hospital chant his name to celebrate preventing the unnecessary surgery that Turk would've performed based on a misdiagnosis made by J.D. and Lonnie.   ("My Drive-By")


  • Belittling the entire staff one by one just to drive home the point that Carla isn't funny.   ("My Fishbowl")


  • Asked an entire room of hospital staff if any of them slept with Jordan while they were not together.   ("My Quarantine")
  • Gathered a group of staff members to watch Jordan be conned by Sam Thompson.   ("My Rite of Passage")
  • Made the entire hospital (including patients) do "the wave" to celebrate Jordan going away for the weekend   ("My Identity Crisis")
  • Said she was just like her mother.
  • After she asked him, "Could you be a bigger ass right now?" He countered back, "Could you have a bigger ass right now?"


Dr. Kelso

  • Made the entire hospital believe that Dr. Kelso died, after Dr. Kelso used hospital funds to have a portrait of himself made rather than buy new computers for the nursing staff.   ("My Kingdom")
  • When Dr. Kelso asks Elliot why she isn't using Clo-veritol to treat her patients, Dr. Cox says "Oh, Clo-veritol is a drug? Now, honestly, Bob, here I was under the impression that it was a travel agency, what with all the free golf trips they've gone ahead and sent you on."   ("My Moment of Un-Truth")
  • Put Dr. Kelso on an "I'll-take-that-food-right-out-of-your-hands" diet, in which he would secretly steal food from Dr. Kelso, swap it with a random object, then either dispose of it or pass the food on to another person.   ("My Bad Too")

The Janitor


  • Insulted Ted five times in a single rant ("[has] infinitesimal knowledge of law", "Sweaty Teddy", "[has a] tiny, peanut brain", "[your mother] hates you" and "Ted has no life"), while trying to assign one of the residents to work with him on a lawsuit.   ("My New Suit")
  • Called his last name "Buckland", a "large disgusting pre-dominantly hairless growth that is never found on women."

Interns/Medical students

  • Made Doug take off his shirt and shocked him with a defibrillator to re-instill fear into the residents.   ("My Clean Break")
  • Forced a group of residents to clean his Porsche to impress his old friend Ron Laver.   ("My Roommates")
  • Made a group of interns (and J.D., an attending) stand in a corner for using the phrase "Let's rock and roll."   ("My Rite of Passage")
  • Forced Keith to spend the day listening to a countertop with a stethoscope for spending an hour telling a patient he was going to die (after J.D. told Keith he had to specifically use a form of the word "die").   ("My Jiggly Ball")
  • Wrapped Lonnie's head in surgical tape for "looking at him."   ("My Half-Acre")
  • As part of an elaborate plot to "surprise Carla with the news that she is pregnant," tricks Carla into telling Keith that she knows he made out with his sister in the sixth grade.   ("My Bright Idea")
  • Made Keith act as a test subject for a chest tube for losing the training mannequin (which was stolen by the Janitor) and later encouraged interns to harm Keith, saying that if they do, he'll have them take the afternoon off as "punishment".   ("My Urologist")
  • Forced a group of interns to run round the hospital over and over because they paged him while he was working out. He did not show any mercy to one of the interns who complained of asthma.   ("My Mirror Image")
  • Cut off one of Rex's sideburn after seeing his custom license plate that read "PARTYDOC".   ("My House")
  • Created a system for Josephine in which Boon is required to speak for her.   ("My Hard Labor")
  • Made Boon "feed" him a hot mug of coffee as punishment for trying to hand it to him while the mug itself was still hot.   ("My Inconvenient Truth")
  • Made Drew wear a #1 sign, and later a #1 shirt at all times.   ("Our First Day of School")
  • Has Cole do demeaning tasks under the pretense that the medical student's rankings are being published in the school newspaper.   ("Our New Girl-Bro")
  • Threw Cole in a closet after he shows off an embarrassing Internet video of Drew.   ("Our White Coats")
  • Has Trang move his car in and out of a 10 minute parking stall every 10 minutes.   ("Our Driving Issues")

Staff (or other large groups of people)

  • Had the Janitor line up a group of staff members so he could ask them who the best doctor was, and have them reply "You are!" one by one.   ("My Own Personal Hell")


  • With Jordan, mock a "crazy lady that spent the last hour chain-smoking while her kid ate sand" when she asks to borrow one of Jack's toys   ("My Clean Break")
  • Together with Jordan, tied up the doctor who performed Dr. Cox's (second) vasectomy and forced him to listen to Ted's band sing the Chili's "I Want My Baby Back Ribs" jingle, which continues endlessly as they never say the "ribs" part.   ("My Transition")
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