3x1 empty cafeteria

The cafeteria quickly empties. ("My Own American Girl")

List of times when characters on Scrubs exhibit the ability of superhuman speed when given the proper incentive or motivation.

  • A security guard rushes out of the hospital after Jordan seductively asks him to move her car out of the sun. ("My Unicorn")
  • J.D. changes his clothes in a matter of seconds, saying "Dude, that was some sort of record or something!" ("My Overkill")
  • Dr. Cox whistles for Lonnie, who quickly runs to him, after previously ignoring J.D. ("Her Story")
  • At 5 o'clock on Friday afternoons, everyone quickly vacates the hospital.("My Own American Girl")
  • Dr. Kelso runs by J.D. and Dr. Cox after realizing that a wealthy patient had arrived at the hospital. ("My Jiggly Ball")
  • J.D. summons Cabbage to "heat-test" his coffee by sticking his finger in it. ("My Cabbage")
  • Dr. Cox runs to grab Carla,after telling Keith to act cocky, so she will torture him because she has been told Keith broke up with Elliot. ("My Bright Idea")
  • Carla jumps over the counter, quickly rushes off, and comes back with a sandwich when Turk tells her his blood sugar is low. ("My Common Enemy")
  • Dr. Cox asks everyone in Coffee Bucks to leave so he can tell Dr. Kelso he misses him as Chief of Medicine. ("My Saving Grace")
  • Laverne, Ted, and Todd quickly exit the area when Jordan arrives, leaving Turk stuck with having to talk to her. ("My Rite of Passage")
  • The Worthless Peons will assemble incredibly quickly when Ted calls for them during band practice. ("My Lawyer's in Love")
  • Mr. Corman, wearing a patient gown, pulls the privacy curtain between him and Dr. Cox, stating "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've already talked to the insurance company, so there is nothing you can say that can stop me from doing this!". Dr. Cox replies "Now, Mr. Corman, apparently your insurance company's not gonna cover it". Mr. Corman then pulls the privacy curtain back, showing him in his own clothes just seconds later. ("My Fault")
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