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Todd asks Turk for a high-five. ("My Tormented Mentor")

Are-We-Clear? Five! ("My Full Moon")

Todd and his Medical School Professor who taught him to high-five. ("My Cuz")

Miracle Five! ("My Best Moment")

Janitor refuses a five. ("My Cuz")

Grover Five! ("My ABC's")

Todd ending a five with a snap. ("My ABC's")

Goodbye Five! ("My Finale")


High Fives from The Todd

Compilation of Todd's early high fives.


Scrubs - The Best Of The Todd

Compilation of Todd's antics.

Cyber Five! ("My Perspective")

Todd Quinlan is arguably most known for his high fives, which frequently appear over the course of the series. He is very adamant that he is "the high-five guy" at Sacred Heart. He follows all of his fives with a snap.

  • Air Five! ("My Drama Queen")
  • Are-We-Clear? Five! (to Howie) ("My Full Moon")
    • Todd was upset that Howie was high-fiving people, because high-fiving is his thing.
  • Assisted Five! ("My Drive-By")
  • Betrayal Five! (to Turk) ("My Day at the Races")
    • Todd incapacitated Turk by slapping him hard on the chest. This happened in one of J.D.'s fantasies, and then again in reality.
  • Breast-Stroke Five! ("My Bright Idea")
  • Cardboard Five! ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")
    • When Lloyd leaves the Brain Trust, Janitor replaces him with a cardboard cutout of Lloyd, which Todd keeps knocking over due to the cut out having its right hand raised as if wanting a high-five.
  • Chin Up Five! (Todd only thinks about giving this high-five) ("Their Story")
  • Cyber Five! ("My Perspective")
    • Given after explaining
  • Disrespecting-Nurses Five! ("My New Role")
    • Todd says "My post-op patient is still going in and out of consciousness. You know what I'd like to go in and out of?" to a nurse.
  • Double Five! ("My Friend the Doctor")
    • The Janitor pretends to be British, and talks about the buns he brought and Sussex. Todd then delivers a double five, one for "buns" and another for the "sex" part of "Sussex".
  • Duct-Tape Five! ("My Perspective")
  • E-Five!
  • Entire-Coffee-Bucks Five! ("My Manhood")
    • The Janitor was running "The Janitorial" newspaper at this point, and asked Todd about the weather section was coming along. Todd responded "the women should expect 8 inches tonight. WHATS UP?!". The Todd then delivered individual high fives to everyone that was currently in the Coffee Bucks before returning to his seat.
  • Euphemism Five! (to Elliot) ("My Intern's Eyes")
  • Face Five! (said whenever he is slapped in the face) ("My Ocardial Infarction")
  • Fairy Five! ("My Princess")
  • Fist Five! ("My Big Move")
    • Todd punched Ted in the shoulder because of his orange tie; according to Kelso, orange provokes hostility.
  • Full-Body-Wax Five! ("Our Drunk Friend")
  • Get-Our-Donut-On Five! ("My Way or the Highway")
  • Goodbye Five! ("My Finale")
  • Grover Five! ("My ABC's")
    • In one of J.D.'s fantasies, Todd high-fives Grover and sends him flying into a wall.
  • High Tide Five ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")
  • I-Can-Feel-Little-J.D. Five! ("My Happy Place")
  • I-Gotta-Take-A-Walk Five! (to Turk) ("Our Stuff Gets Real")
  • I-Pulled-Your-Pants-Down Five! ("My ABC's")
  • I'll-Miss-You Five! ("My Lucky Night")
  • I'm-Sorry Five! (to Turk) ("My Full Moon") ("My ABC's")
  • Inflatable Five! ("My Way Home")
  • Internal-Uh-Oh Five! ("Their Story")
  • Last-Day-Five! (Fantasy) ("My Finale")
  • Make-It-Stop Five! (unrequited) ("My Changing Ways")
    • Todd had diarrhea, and wanted it to stop.
  • Mental Five! ("My Journey")
  • Miracle Five! (to a patient) ("My Best Moment")
    • A patient had been clinically dead in surgery, and Todd high fived his hand, causing him to come back to life. According to Dr. Cox, Todd has no understanding of how the human body works, and shattered the patient's hand.
  • Naïve Five! (to Lucy) ("Our Drunk Friend")
  • Need-a-Hug Five! (Todd only thinks about giving this high-five) ("Their Story")
  • Need-a-Tug Five! (Todd only thinks about giving this high-five) ("Their Story")
  • Oldest-Trick-In-The-Book Five! (to self) ("Our Meeting with Turk and the Todd")
    • Todd pulls the "you got something on your shirt" prank.
  • Patent-Pending Five! (to Turk) ("Our Thanks")
  • Quiet-Down Five! ("Their Story II")
  • Self Five! (to self) ("My Dream Job")
    • No one would give him a high five
  • Show-The-Todd-Some-Love Five!
  • Skeptical-Air Five! (to self) ("My No Good Reason")
  • Something-Might-Be-Wrong Five! ("My Scrubs")
    • After stating that he has a "pro bono" all morning.
  • Sterile Five! (to Dr. Wen) ("My Lucky Night")
    • No actual contact is made during surgery
  • Still-Can-High-Five Five! ("My Princess")
  • Tis-Better-To-Have-Loved-And-Lost-Than-Never-To-Have-Loved-At-All Five! (to J.D.) ("My Cold Shower")
    • J.D. was upset about Elliot getting married.
  • Tough-Break Five! ("My Best Laid Plans")
  • Tough-To-Be-Black Five! (Todd only thinks about giving this high-five) ("Their Story")
  • Unfair Five! (to Turk) ("Their Story")
  • Weenie-Roast Five ("My Therapeutic Month")
  • Welcome-To-The-Team Five! ("Their Story II")

Other instances of high fives

  • In "My Kingdom", Todd asks J.D. if he's paying attention to the surgery, to which J.D. replied "Oh, I'm sorry Todd. Is it time to excise the tumor?". Todd replies "No, it's time to realize we are operating on a naked chick! We will high-five later ."
  • In "My Kingdom", Turk tells J.D. that "Todd camped out in a full-on wizard outfit to see the last Harry Potter movie". Todd gets upset, and says "You swore you wouldn't tell. We even high-fived on it!", to which Turk replies "Todd, we high-five on everything". Todd starts yelling "That's such a lame excuse. I'm totally pissed at you!", but stops when Turk raises his hand and they proceed to high-five.
  • In "My Tormented Mentor", Turk says "Why don't you lay off Dr. Miller? And don't say "I'd like to lay on Dr. Miller." Todd then replies "High-five later for reading my mind!".
  • In "My Friend the Doctor" Todd says "Up high two times, once for buns, once for the "sex" part of "Sussex". Come on!" As the Janitor walks past he offers it to him. After replying with "An American high five, how incredibly vulgar", he high-fives the Janitor.
  • In "My Waste of Time", J.D. has a fantasy in which Turk replaces his surgically removed testicle with one that doubles as a hand-warmer. In the fantasy, J.D., Turk, Dr. Cox, and Todd are on an ice-fishing trip, and Turk allows the other three to use his testicle to keep warm.  When the four return to the hospital, Turk, Cox, and J.D. find the experience too awkward to talk about, while Todd is overjoyed, and attempts to give Carla an "Ice-fishing five," but Carla is hesitant to return the high-five after seeing a testicle shaped mark on Todd's hand.
  • In "Their Story", Todd thought to himself that he normally just puts "five" on the end of the last word in the other persons sentence. In this case it was Turk, and it was an "Unfair Five".
  • In the Season Six outtakes, Todd makes a joke about Laverne's death a little too soon and replies to Carla with "Too-Soon Five". Carla does not high-five Todd ("My Words of Wisdom").
  • In another Season Six outtake, Todd, amongst others, are angry at Kim Briggs for lying to J.D.. Kim responds by offering Todd an "I'm-Sorry Five!" which he accepts ("My Rabbit").
  • In "My Soul on Fire, Part 1", the gang meets Todd's medical school professor in the Bahamas, who is reputed to give the best high-fives. He high fives Todd, and J.D. has a fantasy that this high-five causes a powerful shockwave.
  • Another "Goodbye Five" was posted up on The Todd's Facebook Page as a caption for a photo showing Robert Maschio as The Todd reacting to the demolition of North Hollywood Medical Center.