Janitor causing trouble.

The Janitor at Sacred Heart Hospital gets pleasure from the pain of others. His most frequent target is J.D., but he plays tricks on other staff members as well. See also List of Janitor's lies and List of Janitor's temporary jobs.

Pranks on J.D.

2x5 JD and Janitor wearing labcoats

Janitor and J.D. wearing lab coats. ("My New Coat")

My Jiggly Ball

J.D. and the staff playing Jiggly Ball. ("My Jiggly Ball")


Janitor gets J.D. ("My Old Friend's New Friend")

6x1 JD is a flag

J.D. as an American flag. ("My Mirror Image")

6x18 Janitor haunting patients

Janitor haunting the pediatric patients. ("My Turf War")

  • Locked J.D. on the roof. ("My Best Friend's Mistake")
  • Mopped the floor and didn't put up a sign, causing J.D. to fall. The Janitor then offers his hand to help him up, lifts him a bit and then drops him again. ("My Two Dads")
  • Socked J.D. in the crotch with a wet mop head. ("My Bad")
  • Knocked J.D.'s folders out of his hands. ("My Way or the Highway")
  • Read J.D.'s diary, and shared the knowledge of personal information to J.D. (such as his first kiss being at the age of 16 with Sarah Briggs, and J.D. liking the way cashmere feels on his skin), spooking him. ("My Hero")
  • Sprayed water on J.D. to make it look like he "wet himself", and then with an unnamed burning chemical. ("My Overkill")
  • Poured mop water on him twice in one day. ("My Case Study")
  • Together with Troy, bathed in a tub of "egg salad", then served it to J.D. for lunch (may not be true as this took place in one of J.D's fantasies). ("My Big Mouth")
  • Wore a white coat with "Janitor" written on it, and follows J.D. around to make people believe they are both doctors, or both janitors. ("My New Coat")
  • Knocked a bunch of folders out of J.D.'s hands, as J.D thought that he was the one who knocked them out of his hands earlier in the episode. When J.D asks The Janitor why he did that, he answers "Because you asked me to". ("My Big Brother")
  • Since J.D. wouldn't share details about a patient due to doctor-patient confidentiality, he changed J.D.'s locker combination and refuses to share the new combination due to janitor-locker confidentiality. ("My Sex Buddy")
  • Stole some medical apparel from J.D. ("My New Old Friend")
  • Along with the Brain Trust, flipped over J.D.'s car. ("My Brother, My Keeper")
  • Got J.D. stuck in the hospital's elevator. ("His Story")
  • Tricked every Asian staff member into believing J.D. was racist. ("My T.C.W.")
  • Made J.D. wear shorts to work. ("My Drama Queen")
  • Tricked J.D. into giving him his PIN number and made J.D. eat turkey off the floor. ("My Dream Job")
  • When J.D. is signing something by placing the paper on the wall, the Janitor pulls the paper out from under him. This results in permanent marker on the wall, which frustrates the Janitor. ("My White Whale")
  • Together with Troy, destroyed J.D's bicycle with a baseball bat as revenge for a prank J.D pulled on The Janitor. ("My Lucky Night") ("My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu")
  • Pretended to be three people around the hospital: Nigel, Ephraim and Klaus, with only J.D. knowing the real him. ("My Friend the Doctor")
  • Warned J.D. not to open his locker for some unknown reason. ("My Rule of Thumb")
  • Clotheslined J.D. as J.D. was running away from Dr. Cox. ("My Tormented Mentor")
  • Held J.D. in a ten-minute long handshake. ("My Butterfly")
  • Tried to convince J.D. and Turk that he had a twin brother, Roscoe. ("My Moment of Un-Truth")
  • Knocked J.D. over and spritzed water on him, dressed as a clown both times. ("His Story II")
  • Made J.D.'s relationship problems worse. ("My Fault")
  • Tied a heavy chain to the back of Sasha, J.D.'s scooter, and painted an X on the pavement where J.D. would land from the ensuing accident. ("My Old Friend's New Friend")
  • Sprayed J.D. in the eyes with ammonia. ("My Office")
  • Although the Chief Resident position was given to both J.D. and Elliot, he manages to get everyone to refer to J.D. as "The Co-chief Resident", making J.D. lower in status than Elliot even though they have the same job. ("My New Game")
  • Because he didn't put up a sign saying "Wet Floor", caused J.D. to slip. ("Her Story")
  • Tricked J.D. into thinking he was going to give J.D. a ride to Molly Clock's house (as J.D. had a note allowing him to have sex with Molly, Elliot's best friend). Instead, the Janitor drove him to the middle of nowhere, threw him out, said "It's been four years! How do you not get how this works?", and drove off. ("My Last Chance")
  • Called J.D.'s cell phone while he was riding Sasha (knowing full well that he has trouble talking and driving at the same time), causing him to veer off the road and through the hospital, before eventually being led by the Janitor into a dumpster. ("My Ocardial Infarction")
  • Filled a pie with laxatives, and tried to get J.D. to eat a piece. He finally convinced J.D. to eat a piece after eating one himself, which resulted in both of them being stuck in the toilet for hours. When J.D. asked "Who would do this to themselves?", Janitor answered, "Totally worth it". ("My Changing Ways")
  • Made several cardboard cutouts of J.D. to place around the hospital to get J.D. in trouble without getting near him (J.D. used a group of them to try to hide from Dr. Cox). ("My Intern's Eyes")
  • Since J.D. vandalized the Sacred Heart sign (to Sacred Fart), the Janitor put up a sign during the bike part of J.D.'s triathlon, which causes J.D. to ride down a steep hill and fall. ("My Day at the Races")
  • Convinced JD about a fictitious game called Jiggly Ball with the help of the staff, which ended with everyone pummeling him with tennis balls from short distance. ("My Jiggly Ball")
  • Convinced J.D. to help him move when, in reality, he helped the Janitor rob an Asian couple's home, including a small golden Buddha statue. ("My New God")
  • May have dug a tunnel filled with water that JD rides through on Sasha (after mistaking it for a large puddle), with a manatee named Julian in it.("My Way Home")
  • With the help of Dr. Cox, took J.D.'s bed (with J.D. still sleeping in it) to the hospital's parking lot. Also, after JD paid him an "unreasonable amount" to move his bed back, Janitor simply set it on fire ("My Buddy's Booty")
  • Used a crow, Sanchez, to steal $100 and a pen from J.D.. ("My Cabbage")
  • Hit J.D. on the head with a cantaloupe from the other side of the hospital. ("My Own Personal Hell")
  • Tried to trap J.D. in a freezer using a walkie talkie, but backfires ("My Own Personal Hell").
  • Hurdled 100m of obstacles in less than 10 seconds just to body slam J.D.. ("My Bright Idea")
  • Distracted J.D. so with a story about his 46-year old adopted brother so Dan could scare J.D.. ("My New Suit")
  • Locked J.D. in a water tower. ("His Story III")
  • Invented the knife-wrench, with which he later hit J.D. in the head but also stabs himself in the leg with. ("My Fallen Idol")
  • Stole J.D.'s video camera, with the scenes of Dr. Acula in it. ("My Urologist")
  • With the assistance of Turk and other custodians, painted J.D. as an American flag and swung him up onto the flag pole. ("My Mirror Image")
  • Concocted an elaborate scheme, called "Operation Boy Who Cried Wolf", in which he claimed to go away on a Custodial Cruise which led to the following consequences: ("My Perspective")
    • J.D. being arrested for a DUI.
    • Ted and The Todd duct taping J.D. to the ceiling under the Janitor's orders (the Janitor revealed this part of the plan, but J.D. did not hear it because he had zoned out into one of his signature narrations).
    • The original intent of the Janitor's plan was to have J.D. attacked by a wolf, but the wolf attacked the Janitor instead.
    • Due to the aforementioned DUI, J.D.'s license was suspended for a month. ("My Therapeutic Month")
    • Due to the aforementioned DUI, Sasha was fitted with a breathalyzer meant to keep the engine from starting up if J.D. or anyone else who used it was over the legal blood alcohol limit. After drinking at a party hosted by Keith, the Janitor breathes into the Breathalyzer, deactivating Sasha and forcing J.D. to push it home. ("My Perspective")
  • Used sign language to communicate with a patient's deaf father, and insinuated J.D. and Turk were gay. ("My Words of Wisdom")
  • Haunted J.D.'s pediatric patients by dressing as a ghost on roller skates. ("My Turf War")
  • Sat on the floor and held a broom out to trip over J.D. because he confused him by giving him a cellphone. ("My Jerks")
  • Despite having a truce, the Janitor licked (or made his hand wet some other way) his hand and shook hands with J.D.. When J.D. questions the wet hand, the Janitor shows him his palm which reads "Licked by Janitor". ("My Lawyer's in Love")

Pranks on Turk


Janitor gumming Turk. ("My Best Moment")

  • After Turk states he is "untouchable" and isn't scared of the Janitor, the Janitor aggravates Turk's sex deprivation (earlier in the episode, Carla said she doesn't want to have sex until the wedding) by playing the song "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" by Jermaine Stewart. ("My Dirty Secret")
  • Tried to convince Turk and J.D. that he had a twin brother, Roscoe. ("My Moment of Un-Truth")
  • Gave Turk's phone number to a hypochondriac patient, who called Turk constantly. ("My Malpractical Decision")
  • When Turk drops gum on the hospital floor, wrote "GUM GOES IN THE TRASH!" in gum on Turk's windshield. ("My Best Moment")
  • Uses sign language to communicate with a patient's deaf father, and insinuated Turk and J.D. were gay. ("My Words of Wisdom")

Pranks on Carla

Pranks on Dr. Cox

3x21 Dr Cox in the morgue

Dr. Cox duct taped in the morgue drawer. ("My Self-Examination")

  • When Dr. Cox picked a fight with the Janitor, the Janitor (already angry for losing the election for Union President of the janitors) had his fellow custodians carry, duct tape and lock him in a morgue drawer. ("My Self-Examination")
  • Made a deal with Dr. Cox into giving him a home cooked meal and an hour in his armchair in return for not telling him the results of a basketball game. ("My Hypocritical Oath")
  • Took photos of Dr. Cox holding Jack in the palm of his hand, and then showed the photos to Jordan. ("My Lips Are Sealed")
  • Offered to hang up a painting of Sacred Heart in Dr. Cox's new office, which took him a long time, and hammered useless nails into the wall and hung the painting with strings in the middle of the room (Dr. Kelso reveals that the Janitor bothers everyone who gets a new office with the painting because Dr. Kelso refused to give him an office). ("My New Role")

Pranks on Jordan

  • Similar to the prank played on Dr. Cox, Janitor took photos of Jordan letting strangers (including a homeless man) hold Jack, and then showed the photos to Dr. Cox. ("My Lips Are Sealed")

Pranks on Dr. Kelso

3x22 Janitor and JD carrying Kelso

Janitor and J.D. carrying Dr. Kelso to the dumpster. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")


Dr. Kelso counting the money in his pickle jar. ("My Urologist")

  • When Dr. Kelso makes Elliot change her hair (which the Janitor liked), the Janitor causes Dr. Kelso to fall on a wet floor, knocking Dr. Kelso unconscious. ("My Clean Break")
  • Tried to convince Dr. Kelso that he had Alzheimer's (or another disease of short-term memory). ("My Cake")
  • Because he wouldn't buy the Janitor a new uniform, the Janitor "wax[ed] everything in [Dr. Kelso's] world", including the floor, a phone, and the counter. ("My Big Move")
  • Angered by the black marks it created, he stole Dr. Kelso's Rascal. Later in the episode, Dr. Kelso lets the scooter fall off the roof to force the Janitor to share the Rascal. The Rascal ultimately falls off the roof, onto Dr. Kelso's car (parked there by Janitor). JD took the scooter for himself. ("My Drive-By")
  • Put tiny wheels on Dr. Kelso's shoes. ("My Missed Perception")
  • Stole some money from Dr. Kelso's money-filled pickle jar after Dr. Kelso asked him to get $400 from it, and used the money to buy himself a leather trench coat and Dr. Kelso's wife, Enid, a new pantsuit. When confronted by Dr. Kelso, he says "All I think is that leather never goes out of style. And if you're gonna keep your money in a pickle jar, you should probably know how much is in there. And that it never hurts to buy your invalid wife something nice, so maybe she can feel pretty. And these are general thoughts about life. Nothing specific to you". ("My Urologist")
  • Taped Dr. Kelso destroying his van, and then used the tape to get Dr. Kelso to say, over the intercom, "I feel compelled to tell you that I do, in fact, fear the Janitor. Honestly, is there anyone else with such a brilliant mind? So please join me in basking in the glow of the Janitor's awesome fearitude". ("My Urologist")
  • Using a device that makes the noise of a truck reversing (and also makes the noise of a flatline), annoyed Dr. Kelso by making the truck noise every time Dr. Kelso walked backwards. ("My Night to Remember")
  • While working at Coffee Bucks, Janitor makes Muffin Puppet. When Dr. Kelso want's to have a muffin, he was told that he couldn't be served anymore. The Janitor used the Muffin Puppet, making it seem like the muffin had come to life and was tempting Dr. Kelso to steal a muffin. Dr. Kelso couldn't reach for the muffins, and walked away disappointed. ("My Coffee")

Pranks on The Todd


Janitor giving The Todd a four-story atomic wedgie. ("My Missed Perception")

  • Gave The Todd a four-story atomic wedgie. ("My Missed Perception")
  • Gave the Todd a slice of pie laced with Laxatives which hospitalizes him giving him what J.D. describes as "Epic Diarrhea".


5x23 Janitor pool lane

Janitor driving in the car pool lane. ("My Urologist")

  • Sprayed a burning liquid on Doug's ear. Although, this was by accident, to test the strength of the cleaner he was using to clean a mark that J.D. accidentally made on the wall. ("My White Whale")
  • Put a toilet on the roof. ("My Porcelain God") * albeit not a prank merely this was done on purpose
  • Has a set of keys to everything in the hospital except for the third-floor mental ward, which someone stole. He often uses these keys to break into personnel files. ("My Drive-By")
  • Stole a hydrotherapy tub and put it on the roof. ("My Missed Perception")
  • Cleared out sand that accidentally spilled into Ted's office from J.D. and Dr. Cox's "beach on the roof", and used it to build a giant sand castle in the vicinity of the hospital to live in. ("My Five Stages")
  • At the behest of Dr. Cox, lined up all of the interns to chime in "You are!" when Dr. Cox asked who the best doctor was, "popsicling" Lonnie with his mop after Lonnie said "Y'arr" which made no sense to the Janitor. ("My Own Personal Hell")
  • Invented the drill-fork and various other tool/eating utensil combinations. ("His Story III")
  • Stole a teaching mannequin so that he could drive in the carpool lane, and leaving Keith to be punished for losing it. ("My Urologist")
  • Invented the business card printer/paintball gun. ("My House")
  • Hid a patients room by covering the door and making it seem like the room wasnt there (because he didnt want to share the room with Dr. Cox). ("My Friend with Money")
  • As the Environmental Officer, punished people for littering by smashing soda cans on their foreheads, but was too lazy (or possibly too scared) to make Carla drink his dirty mop water. ("My Inconvenient Truth")
  • Stole a motor from a patients wheelchair and used it to build a robotic (and possibly sentient) cart. ("Their Story II")
  • Rigged the elevator to get stuck between floors with Katie and Howie inside as revenge for touching the cart.