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Lily Reid is the mother of Elliot Reid.


Lily Reid gave birth to Elliot by way of C-section so everything is as it was down there. She is the primary source for Elliot's low self esteem and inner conflicts. She wanted Elliot to be a pretty girl, and constantly tells her ways to look more attractive. She is not very faithful to her husband Simon. While she was engaged to him she sailed around the world with an insatiable Pakistani oil baron ("My Point of No Return"). She also ended up doinking Keith Dudemeister's uncle, Ronald in the basement ("My Point of No Return"). When she visits Elliot at Sacred Heart she does not approve of how "dirty" she thinks it is. ("My Old Man")


Lily embarrasses Elliot by discussing with Keith how to make her overweight.("His Story III")

Elliot is not particularly fond of her mother, but she loves her. Her mother is extremely critical of her, and often does things to lower her self esteem. One of these acts is sleeping with all of Elliot's boyfriends when Elliot still lived at home. Lily even slept with Elliot's gay boyfriend. ("Our Bedside Manner")

Lily has had several extra-marital affairs, most of them with household helpers and Elliot's boyfriends. Her husband, however, seems to be aware of these affairs, and even approves of them to an extent. This is evidenced when Elliot comments to Dr. Kelso that Simon was once angry at Lily because she "stopped boffing the gardener right in the middle of weed season." However Elliot still seems to have a degree of blissful denial over her mother's behaviour, expressing wonderment at her not firing the gardener after he supposedly "kidnapped" her and took her to Acapulco.

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