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Lester Roberts is the widower of Nurse Laverne Roberts.


Lester visited Laverne at Sacred Heart Hospital when she was in a coma after a car accident. He asked Carla if she had any possibility of waking up, but Carla couldn't provide an answer. ("My Long Goodbye") When Laverne passed away, he attended her funeral. ("My Words of Wisdom")


Lester and Laverne were married for around 20 years before she passed away. ("My Long Goodbye")

Personality Profile


  • Meeting up with Laverne on a street corner and pretending she is a streetwalker.
  • Wearing Laverne's brassieres.


  • Laverne makes him wear special air-tight boxer shorts. ("My T.C.W.")
  • When it rains Lester carries Laverne to the car. ("My Urologist")
  • Lester was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix. ("My Urologist")