Dr. Lester Hedrick is the grief counselor at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Hedrick is very frank about death. Some doctors find him extremely annoying, especially Dr. Cox who is annoyed because Hedrick seems "strangely impervious" to his threats. Dr. Hedrick does seem very good at what he does as he helps patients he works with and even the doctors that find him annoying. In My House, general advice that Hedrick gives J.D. inspires J.D. to mend his relationship with Kim Briggs before she moves to Tacoma, Washington.



J.D. considered taking Dr. Hedrick's first offer of counseling when Mrs. Wilk was dying, but opted not to after Dr. Cox said that they didn't need Hedrick's "headshrinking". J.D. was mainly happy because Dr. Cox said "we". ("My Five Stages") Hedrick considers J.D. a "d-bag". ("My House")

Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox strongly dislikes Dr. Hedrick for multiple reasons. One of them is that Dr. Hedrick appears to not be bothered by Cox's rants and threats. Another is Dr. Cox's general dislike of psychology.

Personality Profile


  • Pointing out when others go through the five stages of grief.
  • Holding support groups for the terminally ill.
  • iPods
  • Fake sugar

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