Think Friends meets Clean this Hall. It’s on the Custodian Network. Season pass it and thank me later.Janitor


Wx12 Janitor and Ted explain their show

Janitor and Ted explain their show

After the intro to Legal Custodians, ("My Waste of Time") Janitor explains to Sunny, Denise, Katie, and Howie that his first episode of Legal Custodians is complete.

The episode is shown, and in it Janitor, Ted, and The Todd are not very good actors. They still make many mistakes that they yelled at each other for making in their outtakes. ("Legal Custodian Outtakes") In the episode, Janitor comes home and Ted and Toby (their child) are sitting on the couch. Ted explains that Toby has a crush. Janitor tells him to give her a pink mop, and Ted tells her to sue each other. The audience laughs at their awful puns.

In Janitor's office, Sunny and Janitor watch the episode. Janitor is very pleased with it. When Sunny asks where they got the apartment, he responds that he just used Carla's and Turk's without their permission.

Plot Points

  • Janitor and Ted screen the pilot of their sitcom Legal Custodians.
  • In the episode, Janitor and Ted discuss how their child should deal with his crush.

Guest Stars



I’m a lawyer.Ted (singing)

I’m a Janitor.Janitor (singing)
Together we adopted a cute little kid. We’re Legal Custodians. Get it?Both (singing)

A pink mop? That’s… You can’t you can’t… He can’t buy love from her. He should use… he should use legal leverage. And then, he’d sue her and ssssssshe would like him.Ted

Why does everything with you come down to a lawsuit? You’re such a lawyer!Janitor
Yeah, but everything with you is like, “I’m a janitor.”


  • Janitor explains why the set they are using is the the same as Turk's apartment - by saying that he used his apartment without asking.
  • Katie, Howie, and Denise do not have any lines in this webisode and are only seen for a split second.
  • The opening has the X-ray saying Scrubs Webisodes instead of Interns


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