Legal Custodians
Think Friends meets Clean this Hall. It’s on the Custodian Network. Season pass it and thank me later.Janitor

Legal Custodians is a fictional sitcom within the TV Show Scrubs.


It first came into existence in one of J.D.'s fantasies. It features Ted and the Janitor, who adopt a kid. It revolves around them being Legal Custodians ("My Waste of Time").

Legal Custodians from "My Waste of Time"

Legal Custodians from "My Waste of Time"

Legal Custodians scene from "My Waste of Time"

Later The Brain Trust somehow got to know about the show (from J.D.'s imagination), because one day Janitor invites intern Sunny to a Brain Trust meeting, together with Ted and The Todd. There he presents the idea to Sunny to produce the sitcom for him with her video camera she's using for filming her video diary. But since the Janitor doesn't have a script for the pilot episode yet, he's asking Sunny to write it for them. At the moment, she's preparing for writing the first episode. Todd wanted to 'shave down' to play the kid, but Janitor said they would just use a pillow for the kid and CGI in a real kid later. ("Our Meeting with the Braintrust")

An episode of the show was made. The plot of the episode involved their child Toby having a crush. Janitor suggested he get her a pink mop, and Ted suggested he sue her. The show is quite choppy and the acting is sub-par. It has a laugh-track. Janitor thinks it is very good. It will air on the Custodian Network. ("Legal Custodians Episode")

Theme Song

I'm a lawyer, I'm a janitor, together we adopted a cute little kid. We're Legal Custodians... Get it?Ted and Janitor


Sunny had access to some of the Legal Custodian Outtakes and featured them on her video blog. Most of them involved Janitor scolding Ted for complaining about his sweater or messing up a line. Todd also appeared behind the couch holding the "kid". ("Legal Custodian Outtakes")

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