[punches "child"] We love ya!Janitor


Sunny can't help but sing the theme song to Legal Custodians as she introduces some outtakes for the new series.

Legal Custodian Outtakes

Janitor and Ted rehearse.

In the outtakes, Janitor argues with Ted who can't seem to remember any of his lines. Ted also complains about his sweater being too hot, and tries to take it off, but the Janitor won't let him. The Janitor also quizzes Ted as to what "jump the shark" means, and he can't answer. Ted also explains that he has never had to memorize a closing statement for a court case before. In the end, Ted can't stand his sweater anymore and ends up pulling it over his face, running into a wall, and falling to the ground.

At the same time, Todd hides behind the couch and the counter doing the voice for the "child" in the sitcom.

Plot Points

Wx7 Janitor

Janitor gets upset.

Guest Stars



Take it off. Do it shirtless. It's a whole different show.Janitor


  • The apartment used for Legal Custodians is The Apartment set used in Scrubs.
  • "Jumping the Shark" refers to the point in a television series when you know it has reached its peak.


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